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Woofbowl, A Foodtruck That Caters Exclusively To Dogs

Woofbowl is a food truck that caters exclusively to dogs, offering fast-food items for dogs that are organic, non-GMO, high in protein, and free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

The menu items look remarkably like human food truck items, such as burgers, ice cream, and beer, but the gag is they are healthy dog treats made from premium, human-grade, whole food, dog-friendly & superfood ingredients that even the pet owners can eat.

Woofbowl started in 2017 by the husband and wife team of Ron Holloway, a veteran and his wife Solo, a refugee from the Khmer Rouge regime. The couple introduced the dog food truck in Washington, DC but they have since moved their way up to New York City, making appearances in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of New Jersey. The idea came to them after the couple adopted their two dogs to help with Ron’s PTSD.

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Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Doggie Desserts

For the first time in the ice cream company’s history, Ben & Jerry’s is unveiling two new flavors designed exclusively for canines. Doggie Desserts by Ben & Jerry’s are tasty frozen treats that are paws-itively perfect for your pet, specifically formulated for dogs with a sunflower butter base. The frozen fun of peanut butter & pretzel swirls in “Pontch’s Mix” or the cool creaminess of pumpkin and mini cookies in “Rosie’s Batch” is just what a good dog needs after a raucous puppy playdate or a long walk with their human. All of the high-quality ingredients used in Doggie Desserts can be found in current Ben & Jerry’s ice cream recipes.

“Pontch’s Mix” and “Rosie’s Batch” were named after two real dogs in the Ben & Jerry’s office—an affectionate Frenchie and a rescue mutt of mixed heritage. As a dog-friendly workplace, the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont often has up to 40 pups curled up under desks, keeping employees company. They’re all part of the K9 to 5-er crew that adds a little joy to the office atmosphere.

In addition to the two new Doggie Desserts, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with like-minded suppliers to offer must-have pet accessories like a 6′ custom tie dye leash made from recycled water bottles and a plush cone toy stuffed with recycled fill. Limited quantities are available at www.store.benjerry.com.

Doggie Desserts will be sold individually in 4-oz mini cups or in 4-count multipacks, with a suggested retail price of $2.99 and $4.99. They will be found in supermarkets, mass retailers, and select pet stores nationwide. Learn more at benjerry.com and be sure to follow @BenandJerrysDogs on Instagram.

No bones about it, Doggie Desserts are a dog’s new best friend. We’ll have to pick some up for our dog Ginsburg and have her try it out!

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Meet Ginsburg, The Fire Wire’s New Mascot

This weekend our family picked up an 8 week old Golden Retriever and my daughter aptly named her Ginsburg.  She’s adorable, friendly, loving, and we’re so happy to have her join us on future Fire Family Adventures!

The addition of a new dog means that we will add another facet to the Fire Wire Blog by reviewing and promoting pet toys, dog food, treats, and supplies.

Ginsburg will be the official tester and she’ll always provide honest feedback.

If you are a loyal follower of the blog and have any puppy recommendations, then please feel free to comment below. Let’s all welcome Ginsburg as our new Pup Reporter!

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Frankenweenie-fy Your Pet

Give your pet the Tim Burton treatment with the new Frankenweenie application, Frankenweenie-fy Your Pet. Click HERE to try it out!

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If you own a dog, odds are you walk it using some sort of retractable leash, and need to scoop up its droppings after it’s done doing its business.

Ruffbowl ($8) is designed for exactly these situations. It clips easily onto most large retractable leashes, holds used poop bags away from your hand, and can hold up to 4.5 oz. of water when it’s time for Fido to take a drink.

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See What Your Dog Is Really Up To

Ever wonder what your pet sees all day long? Find out with the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera ($50). This collar-mountable 640×480 digital camera features an automatic timer to snap photos every minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes from your pet’s perspective, a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and 8MB of internal storage.



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