Funko’s Pops! With Purpose To Feature Beloved Movie Pets In Support of the ASPCA

In support of National Pet Day, Funko announced a partnership with the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as part of its philanthropic initiative, Pops! With Purpose. The partnership brings fan-favorite movie pets to Pop! form to raise vital funds for the ASPCA, the longest-standing animal welfare organization in NorthContinue reading “Funko’s Pops! With Purpose To Feature Beloved Movie Pets In Support of the ASPCA”

Woofbowl, A Foodtruck That Caters Exclusively To Dogs

Woofbowl is a food truck that caters exclusively to dogs, offering fast-food items for dogs that are organic, non-GMO, high in protein, and free of preservatives and artificial flavors. The menu items look remarkably like human food truck items, such as burgers, ice cream, and beer, but the gag is they are healthy dog treatsContinue reading “Woofbowl, A Foodtruck That Caters Exclusively To Dogs”

Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Doggie Desserts

For the first time in the ice cream company’s history, Ben & Jerry’s is unveiling two new flavors designed exclusively for canines. Doggie Desserts by Ben & Jerry’s are tasty frozen treats that are paws-itively perfect for your pet, specifically formulated for dogs with a sunflower butter base. The frozen fun of peanut butter &Continue reading “Ben & Jerry’s Introduces Doggie Desserts”

Meet Ginsburg, The Fire Wire’s New Mascot

This weekend our family picked up an 8 week old Golden Retriever and my daughter aptly named her Ginsburg.  She’s adorable, friendly, loving, and we’re so happy to have her join us on future Fire Family Adventures! The addition of a new dog means that we will add another facet to the Fire Wire BlogContinue reading “Meet Ginsburg, The Fire Wire’s New Mascot”


If you own a dog, odds are you walk it using some sort of retractable leash, and need to scoop up its droppings after it’s done doing its business. Ruffbowl ($8) is designed for exactly these situations. It clips easily onto most large retractable leashes, holds used poop bags away from your hand, and canContinue reading “Ruffbowl”

See What Your Dog Is Really Up To

Ever wonder what your pet sees all day long? Find out with the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera ($50). This collar-mountable 640×480 digital camera features an automatic timer to snap photos every minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes from your pet’s perspective, a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and 8MB of internal storage.  

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