Theory11 Rolling Stones Playing Cards

The Rolling Stones pioneered a new era of rock music since the early 60s. These aren’t just a deck of cards – they’re a celebration of rock ‘n’ roll history. Strut into the world of the English rock legends with these official, premium playing cards. Made in America with FSC-certified paper and letterpress printing.  WhetherContinue reading “Theory11 Rolling Stones Playing Cards”

Theory 11 Stranger Things Playing Cards

Since the debut of Stranger Things in 2016, millions of fans have had their minds flayed by the incredible world the Duffer Brothers have created. Relive all of your favorite moments from the series with your favorite characters in the palm of your hand with these beautiful Theory 11 playing cards. The outer packaging willContinue reading “Theory 11 Stranger Things Playing Cards”

Theory 11 Black Panther Playing Cards

Theory 11 announces Black Panther playing cards! These premium playing cards feature favorite characters from the Black Panther films such as King T’Challa, M’Baku, Okoye, Killmonger, and more! Also making appearances from Wakanda Forever: Namor, Attuma, Namora, Ironheart, and Shuri – the new Black Panther! Marvel Studios took us on an unforgettable adventure to theContinue reading “Theory 11 Black Panther Playing Cards”

Theory 11 Spider-Man Playing Cards

Theory 11 announces premium playing cards inspired by Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man trilogy. The outer packaging will have your attention caught up in its web! The vibrant blue, red, and gold foil perfectly captures the essence of the Iron Spider Suit, ensuring you’re ready to fight off the next villain. Complete with precise embossing and uniqueContinue reading “Theory 11 Spider-Man Playing Cards”

Theory 11 Presents James Bond Playing Cards

James Bond first appeared on our screens in the classic 1962 film Dr. No. 58 years later, 007 is still our favorite secret agent. In celebration of the twenty-fifth installment in the beloved James Bond series – No Time To Die – theory11 proudly presents James Bond 007 Playing Cards. Elegance, Class, And Sophistication WhetherContinue reading “Theory 11 Presents James Bond Playing Cards”

Theory 11 Beatles Yellow Submarine Playing Cards

Join Paul, John, George, and Ringo as they take a journey on a yellow submarine to Pepperland to save the music-loving inhabitants from the Blue Meanies! They stand no chance against the Fab Four’s groovy tunes. These new premium playing cards from Theory 11 feature fan-favorite characters and artwork from the iconic animated musical adventure.Continue reading “Theory 11 Beatles Yellow Submarine Playing Cards”

Theory11 Harry Potter Playing Cards

Theory11 has just released Harry Potter premium playing cards that feature all of your favorite characters in four spellbinding color editions, representing the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff! Relive the most memorable moments of the iconic series every time the cards are brought out for play. The Outer Packaging   TheContinue reading “Theory11 Harry Potter Playing Cards”

Theory11 Announces The Beatles Playing Cards

The Beatles transformed the landscape of popular music and revolutionized the music industry, leading them to become the most influential and best-selling band of all time. Theory11 pays homage to the iconic band with sets of gorgeous new playing cards produced in collaboration with The Beatles! Colorful Outer Packaging Dressed in the style of theContinue reading “Theory11 Announces The Beatles Playing Cards”

Face Cards: King of Horror By Jason Edmiston

One of my favorite artists is Jason Edmiston. I have a bunch of his cool art adorning my office walls! I especially love his “Eyes Without a Face” prints which capture pop culture icons only by their unmistakable eyes. Today Jason posted a new piece of art via social media in which he paints onContinue reading “Face Cards: King of Horror By Jason Edmiston”

Theory 11 Announces Build A Brick Playing Card Collection

Theory 11 has announced the easiest and most fun way to start or build your playing card collection.  They call it: Build a Brick. A brick, in the playing card world, is a box of 12 decks. Today, Theory 11 has created an all-new way to build a variety pack box, filled with decks thatContinue reading “Theory 11 Announces Build A Brick Playing Card Collection”

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