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Check Out This Cover To Geek Magazine By Mr. Garcin With Tons of Pop Culture References


Artist, Mr. Garcin created this amazing cover to Geek Magazine which will be released this Friday. Dozens and dozens pop culture references fill the cover up.

See if you can recognize them all?

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50 Insane Pop Culture Gifts That Actually Exist


Refinery29 has complied a list of 50 insane pop culture gifts that actually exist.

Fun items include a Flux Capacitor Car Charger , the Star Wars Dream Desk, Sex Panther Cologne, Golden Girls Coasters or the Top Gun leather jacket. Check out the list HERE.


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Thank You To All Who Participated In The FIRE WIRE Poster Giveaway


Yesterday we gave away a ton of pop culture items ranging from posters, original art, books and toys to 73 lucky recipients. My intent was to give back to the wonderful pop-culture community whose camaraderie and passion for the hobby I cherish.


I want to thank the kind and generous artists and galleries who donated to this event. I appreciate Hero Complex Gallery allowing us to use their space and provide refreshments. Finally, a big shout out to the people that came and showed up on a Saturday to partake in the festivities! I hope you all had a great time, had a few laughs and walked away with something cool!

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Hero Complex Gallery & THE FIRE WIRE Blog Present The Totally Tubular Pop Culture Giveaway

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.54.56 AM

Who says, “Nobody gives anything away for free anymore”? We are here to change that and as a thank you to the great poster community we are hosting one of Los Angeles’ BIGGEST pop culture art giveaways EVER!

How do you win? Simply follow The Fire Wire and Hero Complex Gallery’s Facebook and Twitter pages and share a pic of your own that exemplifies why you love pop culture. Use the hashtag #HCGFireWireGiveaway and we will select 70 lucky people to attend the Los Angeles giveaway event at Hero Complex Gallery! Yes, you heard right, 70 winners!

Follow Links:







The event will be held on September 12, 2015 at Hero Complex Gallery at 2PM and each of the 70 people invited are guaranteed to get a poster, piece of original art, book or toy!

Here are just a few artists and companies who generously donated their work for this fun and FREE event:

Acme Archives
Ale Giorgini
Aled Lewis
Andy Fairhurst
Bill Sienkiewicz
Blunt Graffix
Brian Methe
Craig Drake
Cuyler Smith
Dark Hall Mansion
Dark Inker
Dave Perillo
Gallery 1988
Gary Pullin
Grey Matter Art
Hero Complex Gallery
Ian Glaubinger
Jason Edminston
Jason Liwag
Jason Weidel
JC Richard
Jerrod Maruyama
Joey Spioto
Jonathan Burton
Jordan Monsell
Joshua Budich
Kevin Tong
Laurent Durieux
Marie Bergeron
Marko Manev
Matthew Chojnacki
Matt Ferguson
Matt Ryan Tobin
Mick Wiggins
Nautilus Art Prints
Nick Comparone
Nicolas Delort
Orlando Arocena
Patrick Connan
Paul Blow
Paul Shipper
Rich Pellegrino
Robert Bruno
Sam Gilbey
Scott C
Stan & Vince
Steven Holiday
Tim Doyle
Titan Books
Tom Whalen

and here is a very small tease…


The Princess Bride by Nick Comparone


Boba Fett OG by Jayson Weidel


Chewbacca Silhouette by Jordan Monsell


Joker Sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz

Hang out with some great people, enjoy some delicious refreshments and walk away with a free piece of pop culture. So tell your friends, you won’t want to miss this evening.

Follow HCG and THE FIRE WIRE for more info!

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Catchphrases That Marked Pop Culture


Common expressions or phrases which originate from pop culture and in the arts are commonly known as catchphrases. Over the years there have been thousands of such catchphrases that have spread around the world through a variety of mass media such as in books, on T.V and radio, and now over the internet. These catchphrases have defined what pop culture is, and some of them are now commonly used, while others have even found their place in the dictionary.

At the popular online casino called Magical Vegas that offers various games such as video slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and live casino games, their mission statement “Bring home the magic” could well figure in these popular catchphrases in the near future. “Bring home the magic” gives out a clear picture that this online casino wants its players to enjoy the best gaming experience wherever they are. This phrase could well be used to express the feeling of having a great time that feels magical.

Back in 1981 Del Boy from Only Fool and Horses said “Lovely Jubbly” for the first time and this has since become one of the immortal phrases that is used in everyday British life to refer to something good or a good news. The colourful lingo used in this T.V series by Del Boy has created various one liners and catchphrases including “He who dares – wins!”, “You know it make sense” (this is what he usually says to his customers after they have agreed on a deal”.  Little Britain is another popular British television show that features some memorable catchphrases such as “Yeah but no but yeah but” which is used by ill-educated teenager Vicky Pollard as a retort or “Computer says no” which is mentioned by the unhelpful and moody Carol Beer when  she is asked a question by a customer.

The British Quiz show The Weakest Link became popular for a catchphrase used in each and every episode of this show by the host Anne Robinson whenever she would send someone off, and this popular catchphrase is “You are the weakest link… goodbye!”. When this T.V show came to America, this catchphrase quickly became a pop culture phenomenon thanks to the harsh attitude of Anne that the Americans discovered. This phrase still lives on as one of the best lines remembered on T.V, even though the show has ended in 2012.

The phrase “That’s hot” has been used in the American show The Simple Life by the multi-millionaire heiress of the Hilton Hotels known as Paris Hilton. This sound like the opposite of “that’s cool” but in fact it has the same meaning. Then Paris came up with “That’s huge” and now she legally owns both of these phrases and even won a lawsuit when the greeting card maker Hallmark used these phases in their greeting cards.

Popular catchphrases also originated from various movies such as “I’ll be back” and “Hasta la vista, baby” from Terminator sequels, “You talking to me?” from Taxi Driver, and “Say hello to my little friend” from Scarface.  The music industry also has created some unique words which are now part of the pop culture. One such catchphrase is “Bootylicious”, a title of a song from the album Survivor of Destiny’s Child that included Beyoncé Knowles.  This word has made its entry into the Oxford English dictionary and it means curvy, voluptuous or the physically appealing figure of a women. You may also try to coin some unique words and post them online or on any other media, and in a couple of years, these may figure as popular catchphrases uses worldwide.

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This July, Join Barnes & Noble For A Month Long Celebration of Pop Culture


This July, please join Barnes and Noble in stores for a month long celebration of pop culture! Below check out all of the events B&N has planned!

All month: Throwback Thursdays


Join Barnes & Noble every Thursday for a nostalgic journey as they relive the most iconic moments in pop culture from the 1950s through the 1990s. Come explore the dynamic influence that books, toys, games, music, movies, TV, and fashion had on society. On July 2, it’s a throwback to the 1950s; on July 9, it’s the 1960s; they’ll celebrate the 1970s on July 16, the 1980s on July 23, and the 1990s on July 30.

July 3–5: Time Travel Weekend


On July 3 at 7pm, B&N is celebrating Doctor Who! Enjoy trivia, giveaways, a special offer, and more. Come dressed as your favorite character and join the fun. On July 4 at 10am, they’re traveling back millions of years with Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark. Young paleontologists are invited to explore the age of dinosaurs with fun activities, giveaways, and a special offer. On July 5 at 2pm, be transported to the intriguing world of Outlander with trivia, giveaways, and more.

July 8–12: DC Comics Days


Come in for a special offer on all DC Comics graphic novels and get a free “Young Gotham” comic collection and poster while supplies last. Also enjoy other giveaways and activities. Cosplay is welcomed!

July 9–12: Comic Convention Collectibles


While supplies last, pick up shared exclusive collectibles from Diamond Select Toys, Funko, and Titans.

July 13 and 14: Harper Lee Celebration


On July 13, all stores nationwide will read To Kill a Mockingbird from start to finish. The read-a-thon will feature a variety of special guest readers, including authors and local celebrities. On July 14, Go Set a Watchman goes on sale! Visit our Cafe stores from 7am to 10am and get a free tall coffee with your purchase of Go Set a Watchman. Plus, the first 20 customers to buy the book will receive a free exclusive To Kill a Mockingbird reusable tote.

July 17, 7pm: Minions Fun


“Bello!” (That’s how Minions say, “Hello!”) Sign up now for our Minions Fun event. Become a certified Minion and attend Villain-Con in Barnes & Noble stores to help search for the most despicable villain to follow. Activities and giveaways round out the fun. Contact your local store to sign up.

July 18: Star Wars Saturday


Fans of all ages join B&N for exclusive products, activities, cosplay, trivia, and a chance to win a Star Wars character standee (no purchase necessary. Must be 13 or older). See a bookseller for complete details.

July 19: Manga Mania


Discover this popular style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. Enjoy a special offer, activities, and giveaways.

July 24, 7pm: Fangirl Friday


Fangirls unite and celebrate fandom. Get introduced to the Women of Marvel, enjoy cosplay, giveaways, and much more. And while supplies last, pick up the Vinyl Vixen Metallic Wonder Woman, available only at Barnes & Noble.

July 25: Vinyl Day


Explore a huge assortment of vinyl records with events celebrating vinyl culture, including giveaways, special offers, and exclusives.

July 26: James Patterson Day


Celebrate America’s bestselling author with a special one-day-only offer on all adult, kids’, and teen books by James Patterson.

July 28, 7pm, and July 31, 7pm: Dr. Seuss Spectacular


What pet should we get? In celebration of the newly discovered Dr. Seuss book What Pet Should I Get?, kids of all ages are invited to help decide what pet we should get at a special Storytime event on July 28 at 7pm. On July 31 at 7pm, join for the Dr. Seuss Spectacular, a celebration of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to the world as the beloved Dr. Seuss. There’s fun to be done!

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Happy Easter From THE FIRE WIRE

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday and spending quality time with family today. For your viewing pleasure, I thought I would post some fun pop-culture inspired Easter Eggs. Perhaps these will inspire you to create your own? If so, please send me pictures of your creations.

640legoegg 1364216039-0 comic-batman-superman-eggs comic-dc-marvel-eggs comic-marvel-eggs JLEggs_cover movie-ghostbusters-eggs movie-star-wars-eggs movie-stormtrooper-eggs tumblr_mkev6vyJO11qzfsnio6_1280 tv-adventure-time-eggs tv-bender-eggs tv-doctor-who-eggs IM000014.JPG tv-power-rangers-eggs tv-tmnt-eggs vg-angrybirds1-eggs vg-mario-eggs

easter_eggs_disney_fairies_by_rene_l-d3dpe1t Easter-Eggs-DC-Shields egging-eva geeky-easter-egg-coloring-ideas-free-kids-totoro-alice-in-wonder-land-doctor-who-spiderman-batman-futurama-1 HULK-EASTER resize



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Funko Announces Pocket Pop! Keychains!


Pocket Pop! Keychains are collectable miniaturized Pop!’s. Each Pocket Pop! Keychain is 1.5″ inches tall and comes on a key ring. These collectible Pocket Pop! Keychains have all the same features as your standard Pop!’s, but are shrunk down to fit comfortably in your pocket!

The first wave of the Pocket Pop! Keychains will include the following characters and are due this Fall.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Comic Con Experience Announced For December 2014 In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Comic Con Experience - São Paulo Brazil

Comic Con Experience is the first show in Brazil covering all the main areas of pop culture: comics, TV, movies, games, cosplay, fantasy and sci-fi literature, collectibles, etc. The show is scheduled for December 4-7, 2014 in São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world and the economic capital of Brazil.

Set in a 20,000 square-meter pavilion, the show is expected to gather around 80,000 attendees over 4 days to celebrate pop culture.

As comic cons started as events organized by comic book fans, the Comic Con Experience announced his comic guests first, including: Scott Snyder, Ivan Reis, Sean Gordon Murphy, Rafael Grampá, Rafael Albuquerque, Olivier Coipel, Klaus Janson, Greg Tocchini, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. Several others are yet to be announced, including TV and movie talents.

Comic Con Experience is organized by Omelete the biggest pop culture and entertainment website in Brazil, and by Chiaroscuro Studios, a talent agency representing several top talents in the comics industry.

Brazilian fans and exhibitors couldn’t be more excited about the show. Due to the high demand, the organization has increased 33% percent of the area (from the initial 15,000 square-meter area) to meet the demand from both fans and exhibitors. Since the Comic Con Experience was announcement in an article published in the country’s main weekly magazine in January 25st, the show’s fanpage on Facebook has gathered over 50,000 fans and the organization has been approached by major entertainment companies from different countries targeting the Brazilian audience: Brazil is the fourth biggest market for games with 35 million gamers and among the top 5 markets for American movies.

For further information please write to ivan@comicconxp.com.br or visit www.comicconxp.com.br.

Comic Con Experience - Announcement

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Best & Worst Moms Ever

Some of them smothered their children with love. Others just smothered them. In honor of Mother’s Day Time.com presents a highly unscientific study of the ten best and worst mothers from the worlds of pop culture.

Check out the list HERE.


Marge Simpson

There are a lot of reasons to love Marge. Her heart is as big as her hair. She’s sweet, simple, unflappable, and like Edith Bunker before her, she uses her goodness as a shield from the crudeness of her husband and the never-ending needs of her kids. Sure, she’s subsumed all of her larger dreams — of becoming an artist, an actress, a professional bowler or anything else for that matter — to tend to home and hearth, but that’s why we have dream sequences.

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