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Cut Short By Cuyler Smith To Open At Bottleneck Gallery On Friday August 9th


This Friday, August 9th, Cuyler Smith and Bottleneck Gallery pay tribute to over 150 of your favorite pop film icons!

The twist is that the images only show a portion of the character.

The first 50 attendees will receive a Slimer piece. The show will run from Friday August 9th to August 24th.

547694_525261754211970_552751249_n 733771_527959723942173_1739636775_n 1002879_529615327109946_796455518_n 1098279_528787057192773_1966886897_n 1157434_529606640444148_682826575_n  Batman - Bale Batman - West Chewbacca Chippendale cuyler_smith_cut_short_Slimer2 dumb and dumber set ferris bueller set sin city set the big lebowski set The Bride tumblr_mpnyejTo9d1qg8i80o8_400 twins

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Hero Complex Gallery Announces Arch Nemesis Art Show Opening On May 24th


Hero Complex Gallery is excited to follow up on their immensely popular exhibition, Righteous Rides, with their late May show, Arch Nemesis!

Arch Nemesis opens on May 24th, 2013. The art show will focus on bad guys, villains, rogues, and scoundrels of the world. And what good is a Nemesis show without a few heroes to kick around!

H.C.G. will be giving away (1) maple wood variant of Laurent Durieux’s Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy)


They will also be giving away (1) metal variant of Craig Drake’s “Predator”, inspired by the film of the same name. One will be awarded to opening night customers and one will be awarded to online customers.

LaurentDurieuxPeterPan1st copy

All customers with purchases of $100 or more will automatically be entered to win.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 24th, 7-10pm – All ages – no cover – copious beverages – music – artists in attendance

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA 90034

On Display:

May 24th – May 15th

W-Sat, 11am-6pm

You can view and purchase art from this show HERE.



 AdamJureskoOZ copy MARSATTACKS_OK_FINALE_screenprint AlexRKirzhner copy BrettParsonSkeletorpreview copy DanLazarow HP4 JacobBillsPublicEnemiesFinalSet copy MarkoManevIt's Not About the Money copy Print MattFergusonMEGATRON_MF copy MatthewJohnsonThanos copy MichaelLatimer copy MichaelLatimerGalactus copy Print PaulShipper copy  ReyTairaSaturdayMorningInFrontOfLaSalleDeJustice_ ReyTairaSundayEveningByTheLegionOfDoom SeanThorntonDoom copy


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Hero Complex Gallery Announces Righteous Rides…And the Dudes Who Drive Them Opening On May 3


Hero Complex Gallery is proud to announce their next exhibition Righteous Rides…And the Dudes Who Drive Them opening on May 3, 2013 and running until May 19th.

The art show will focus on prominent characters of fiction and their often creative ways of getting around! From skateboards to spaceships, anything that rolls, races, flies, or crashes can be counted in this high-throttled, tour de force that celebrates your favorite modes of transportation and the characters who drive them!

Millennium Falcon, Akira, Steve McQueen, Aliens APC, Ferris Bueller, Pussywagon, Prometheus, James Bond, The Nautilus, NASA…basically anything you can think of that takes place in and around your favorite modes of moving from once place to another.

The show will take place at the new permanent space for Hero Complex Gallery:

2020 South Robertson Blvd.
Studio D
Los Angeles, CA, 90034

Online release: Sat, May 4th, approx. 12noon PST

BeeryMethodA-Team_Vandura_OG_Beery_Web copy BluntGraffixDetail


 BruceYanUP_Final_glow BruceYAnUP_Final_no_glow

1 2

CraigDrakeAKIRAReg DRIVEweb copy EvanimalJamesBond Grzegorzbullitt_sample08 copy PaulShipperRocketeer_Illo_1200px copy Ridge_Scooby_REVmockup copy SS-Cover-1 copy 923346_486967614689992_750908564_n 934931_486971581356262_72208034_n



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Hero Complex Gallery Presents Righteous Rides In Los Angeles In April


From skateboards to spaceships, anything that rolls, races, flies or crashes can be counted in this high-throttled, pop culture tour de force that celebrates your favorite modes of transportation and the characters who drive them!

Millennium Falcon, Akira, Steve McQueen, Aliens APC, Ferris Bueller, Pussywagon, Prometheus, James Bond, The Nautilus, NASA…basically anything you can think of that takes place in and around your favorite modes of moving from one place to another!

Hero Complex Gallery presents Righteous Rides in Los Angeles in April.

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Great Showdowns: The Return Book by Scott Campbell To Be Released On October 15, 2013

Since the beginning of time, there has been struggle. The epic clash of being against being. Rocky vs. Clubber Lang, Harry Potter vs. Voldemort and Joe vs. The Volcano.

Scott Campbell’s acclaimed Great Showdowns series, showing strangely good-natured confrontations between his favorite movie characters, finally gets a second book collection that fans have been demanding!

The 144 page hardcover book published by Titan will be chock full of Scott’s art from his Gallery1988 “Return of the Great Showdowns” show.

Look for Great Showdowns: The Return by Scott Campbell to hit shelves on October 15, 2013 for $15.


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So Happy Together By Jerrod Maruyama

I love this print by Jerrod Maruyama titles So Happy Together; it just makes me smile ear to ear. The image is nostalgic, whimsical, adorable and joyful.

Maruyama contributed the piece for the Get a Room show that opened tonight at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and will run through March 8th.

Online sales will begin on Saturday, February 16th. Followers of Bottleneck Gallery on Facebook can preview all of the art for the show in a special preview window offered just before the physical show opens. Please check their site for more details and information about ordering. There will be a very limited number of giclee prints available.


So Happy Together By Jerrod Maruyama 16″ x 16″ Giclee Print

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Now and Then, The Cabinet Card Paintings of Alex Gross


Now and Then, The Cabinet Card Paintings of Alex Gross, published by Ginko Press, is a compilation of 98 mixed media paintings on antique cabinet card photographs, done over the last four years.

In addition to a short introduction, the book also features 32 images of the original cards before they were painted on.

The book is filled with a series of mixed media paintings done directly upon antique Victorian cabinet cards. Cabinet cards are early photographs on heavy card stock, in this case dating from the 1880s through the early 1900s. Today it is not hard to find inexpensive cabinet cards. They can be purchased in antique stores, at flea markets and on ebay.

The artist uses a mixture of collage, acrylic and oil paints in making these pieces. Many of them were inspired by pop culture figures, like super heroes from the comics that he read as a child.

Alex Gross is currently based in Los Angeles, California. In 1990, he received a BFA with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Since then, he has had seven solo exhibitions at various galleries, and participated in dozens of group exhibitions across the globe.

In the summer of 2007, Alex’s first retrospective museum show was held at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California. Alex is a recipient of the prestigious Artists Fellowship from the Japan Foundation, and several faculty grants from Art Center College of Design.

You can order the 112 page hardcover book HERE for $15.




















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20 Things That Happened on the Internet in 2012

Parisian artist Sébastien Feraut (aka “Niark1“) created an illustration for SYZYGY showing 20 Things That Happened on the Internet in 2012.


Click on image to make larger

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Hero Complex Announces Their First Art Show, “Weapon of Choice!” Opening On January 11, 2013 in Los Angeles


The theme revolves around art inspired by prominent characters of fiction, historical reference, or pop culture, and their relationship with their iconic “weapon,” that one thing that is inextricably tied to their character. Perhaps their weapon is provocative like seduction, or stealth, or sex, or power. Or perhaps its that one item that brought them fame or dishonor, like Hendrix’ guitar, Lenny Bruce’s microphone, or a samurai’s final honorable act of seppuku.

But it could and should live in traditional weapons from pop culture and fictional influences too. It could be Hellboy wielding his mighty Right Fist of Doom, Slim Pickens as Major Kong riding The Bomb to oblivion in Dr. Strangelove, or the ending scene of Romeo and Juliet with the fateful poisoned dagger. Perhaps it’s Indiana Jones cracking his bullwhip, Alabama Worley’s final act of desperation with the corkscrew in True Romance, Peter Vincent warding off vampires with his cross in Fright Night, or Mad Max tearing down the ripped up desert asphalt in the last of the V-8 Interceptors.

Some of the artists for the event include: Tracie Ching, Laurent Durieux, Blunt Graffix, Bruce Yan, Bruce, White, Chris Harper, Craig Drake, Adam Wheatley, Adam Worsell, AJ Masthay, Ale Giorgini, Ali Castro, Justin Anville, Godmachine, Ian Glaubinger, Joshua Budich, JP Valderrama, Marie Bergeron, Matt Ferguson, Tim Doyle and Trev Murphy.

Whatever the weapon of choice, the gauntlet has been thrown down and the artists have seized the challenge with some amazingly clever concepts. We’ve already seen a few of the artist previews and they are proving to be a testament of how exhilarating the variations of this theme can be.

RSVP by clicking Join on Facebook.

Weapon of Choice!

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11th, 7-11pm
Saturday Hours – 11am-7pm
Sunday Hours – 11am-3pm

Hosted by:

Design Matters
11527 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064 (Map)









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25 Snowmen From Pop Culture

Get inspired by these pop culture snowmen from the Internet and start planning your own creation for the first snowfall.






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