The World’s Craziest Pop Culture Inspired-Homes

Everyone knows that being a pop culture fanatic can make you do crazy things. Sometimes it’s innocent enough: you get a new haircut or wear an outfit that’s inspired by your favorite actor. But things can quickly become more extreme. You start speaking in a fake British accent just because Madonna does. You only drinkContinue reading “The World’s Craziest Pop Culture Inspired-Homes”

Butter Sculptures, Robot Pancakes & Floating Darth Vader

My nephew Ben, who happens to turn 10 tomorrow (Happy Birthday!) is THE FIRE WIRE’s youngest correspondent. You might remember his riveting video review of the Perplexus. Ben who lives in South Portland, Maine was kind enough to scour the internet and find some pretty cool things that are really interesting. So I thought that IContinue reading “Butter Sculptures, Robot Pancakes & Floating Darth Vader”

Read All Of Stephen King’s Entertainment Weekly Pop Culture Columns Here

HERE is your complete guide to every column, best-of list and pop culture musing from Entertainment Weekly contributor and world-renowned author Stephen King.

Entertainment Weekly Ranks The 100 Greatest Characters In Pop-Culture From The Last 20 Years

To help celebrate Entertainment Weekly‘s 20th anniversary, the writers and editors of the magazine carefully curated a list of the 100 greatest characters in pop-culture over the last 20 years. Whether the fictional women, men, ogres, muppets, babies, and cartoon rockers who made their list were initially created before 1990 didn’t matter so long asContinue reading “Entertainment Weekly Ranks The 100 Greatest Characters In Pop-Culture From The Last 20 Years”

The 2010 TIME 100 World’s Most Influential People List

TIME Magazine has just published their 100 world’s most influential people list for 2010. Some of the people you’ll encounter on this list are influential in the traditional sense — heads of state like Barack Obama, corporate leaders like Robin Li, CEO of the Chinese search-engine company Baidu. But the magazine also sought out peopleContinue reading “The 2010 TIME 100 World’s Most Influential People List”

50 Years of Dr. Martens

April 1st 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martens. Watch the film below that tracks five decades of DMs, as told by the people who made them famous. The famous footwear company asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track which represents the spirit of the people who’ve worn Dr.Continue reading “50 Years of Dr. Martens”

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