The Ultimate Stephen King Crossover: The Shining Reimagined As The Stand Book Cover

Readful Things has combined The Shining film stars Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall in a battle that pays homage to the iconic cover art for Stephen King’s The Stand for this new print. Order museum-quality posters on thick matte paper HERE. A Major Motion Picture By Readful Things 12×18 Print $39.99

Mondo Peanuts Record Store Day 2023 Posters

Way before Vince Guaraldi composed his iconic themes for TV, Peanuts and music were already inseparable. Just look at the carefully rendered notes from Schroeder’s toy piano or Linus’ record player, all of which came directly from Charles Schulz’ best-loved Beethoven and Brahms tunes.  Mondo released two Peanuts screenprints last year in celebration of RecordContinue reading “Mondo Peanuts Record Store Day 2023 Posters”

Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Returns To Theaters For 40th Anniversary Celebration

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is turning 40, and will make its own triumphant return this month, its first official release in 26 years.  Starting April 28, Return of the Jedi will return to select theaters in the US, UK, and other regions for a limited time, welcoming a whole new generation of fansContinue reading “Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Returns To Theaters For 40th Anniversary Celebration”

The Stunning Art of Tony Stella

Tony Stella’s hand-crafted movie posters have attracted the attention of art collectors and movie fans from all over the world. The self-taught artist began by creating movie posters for a friend’s movie club. The Italian-born, Berlin-based artist is a true connoisseur of cinema as well as a prodigious and prolific artist As a movie aficionado,Continue reading “The Stunning Art of Tony Stella”

Funko Lays Off The Majority of Mondo’s Staff

Funko, less than a year after acquiring high-end collectibles brand Mondo, has let go several employees — including Mondo co-founders Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones. Mondo, based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2004 and was previously a subsidiary of indie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse before Funko inked a deal to buy it last yearContinue reading “Funko Lays Off The Majority of Mondo’s Staff”

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Poster By JJ Harrison

Mondo has partnered with The Roku Channel and the artist JJ Harrison on a new poster for the upcoming biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Largely regarded as the founding father of the song parody, Alfred “Weird Al” Yankovic is a legitimate icon of the American music industry. We’re excited that his story is finallyContinue reading “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Poster By JJ Harrison”

Vice Press To Release They Live Poster By Tom Whalen

Vice Press is celebrating John Carpenter season and Tom Whalen is back with another amazing screen print celebrating the films of the Master of Horror – They Live.  John Carpenter’s They Live by Tom Whalen is available August 30 at 10AM (PT). Order HERE. John Carpenter’s They Live (Regular) Art by Tom Whalen Edition ofContinue reading “Vice Press To Release They Live Poster By Tom Whalen”

Mondo To Release The Batman Poster By Akiko Stehrenberger

Akiko Stehrenberger is a 22-time CLIO award winning movie poster illustrator and designer, who works with directors, movie studios, advertising and movie advertising agencies. Paying homage to the 2022 film directed by Matt Reeves, Mondo will release this brilliant Batman print by Akiko on Friday, July 22.  The poster can be hung two ways showcasingContinue reading “Mondo To Release The Batman Poster By Akiko Stehrenberger”

Stranger Things Season 4 Posters By Butcher Billy

Stranger Things collaborated with the incredible Butcher Billy , whose real name is Bily Mariano Da Luz. The Brazilian artist created a series of custom posters dedicated to each epic episode of Stranger Things from season 4. Check out the posters below and click HERE if you want to purchase them.

Check Out The New Bullet Train Posters

A new batch of posters for the upcoming action-thriller Bullet Train has been released, highlighting some of the main characters set to board the train when the film premieres on August 5, 2022. The posters feature a handful of the characters set to star in the film, many of whom will be playing assassins taskedContinue reading “Check Out The New Bullet Train Posters”

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