Cubed: The Puzzle of Us All By Erno Rubik

The first book by the reclusive inventor of the world’s most iconic puzzle The Rubik’s Cube. Erno Rubik inspires us with what he’s learned in a lifetime of creating, curiosity, and discovery. Erno Rubik was a child when he first became obsessed with puzzles of all kinds. “Puzzles,” he writes, “bring out important qualities inContinue reading “Cubed: The Puzzle of Us All By Erno Rubik”

Codex Silenda – The Book of Puzzles

Industrial designer Brady Whitney has created the Codex Silenda, a gorgeous, handcrafted, laser-cut five-page puzzle book, each page with a different puzzle that the reader must unlock before progressing onto the next page. Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate puzzles. Each page features a unique puzzle that requires the user/readerContinue reading “Codex Silenda – The Book of Puzzles”

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