TV Jingle Quiz

Test your knowledge of commercials HERE with 16 snippets from TV’s most memorable jingles.  

LOST in Translation Quiz

Watching LOST can sometimes feel like taking a university class, what with all the allusions to literature, philosophy, music, Buddhism, Christianity, politics, comic books and countless other subjects being thrown around. And nowhere are these references more ubiquitous than in the character names. At this point, it feels like every character’s name has some deep significanceContinue reading “LOST in Translation Quiz”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz

Hey, we needed something to do while we wait for Larry David to write season seven. How else would we get our fill of Larry and his social awkwardness? If you’re craving the show like we are, check out this Curb Your Enthusiasm quiz. It’s pret-ty, pret-ty good.  

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