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Daym Drops, Entertaining Driver’s Seat Food Reviewer


Daymon Patterson a.k.a. Daym Drops reviews fast food from the comfort of his driver’s seat right in the restaurant’s parking lot to ensure that the food is fresh and hot.

He’s funny, affable, poetic and damn if his reviews don’t make you hungry.

The Connecticut based YouTube personality has gained in popularity and recently appeared on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show reviewing the return of McDonald’s McRib.

You can follow Daym Drops on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Here is Daym’s review of Five Guys:

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10 Bets You Will Never Lose

Richard Wiseman teaches you ten bets you will always win. Some require a little practice.

You’re going to need some paper clips, water, coins, matchsticks as well as a gullible friend.

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Get Them While They Are Young…


If Tommy has 3 breadsticks and Johnny has 2 stuffed crust pizzas…

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Apple & Starbucks Team For Free App Promotion

Apple and Starbucks have long had a partnership that gives Starbucks customers a way to download free music tracks from Apple’s iTunes Music Store, and the two companies are now coming together to do the same with paid applications.

Using the same “Pick of the Week” cards the two companies have been using since April 2008, Starbucks is now using that same system to dole out iPhone applications.

Just like for music, users can find free cards waiting for them at the cash register with codes on the back that can be entered into iTunes or the App Store to get the application.

The first application to be offered for free is Shazam Encore (iTunes), a music-identifying app that sells for $5.99 in the U.S. version of the App Store.

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The Cheesecake Factory Debuts New SkinnyLicious Menu With Low Calorie Dining Options

Famous for their expansive menu which offers something for everyone, The Cheesecake Factory has just expanded their offerings with a new low calorie menu aptly named “SkinnyLicious.” Redefining low calorie flavor, the new SkinnyLicious menu provides guests with even more choices with signature rich taste.

“We are very happy to introduce our new SkinnyLicious menu to our guests,” said David Overton, Founder of The Cheesecake Factory. “We wanted to create a menu that delivers an exceptional dining experience to our calorie-conscious guests, without compromising the delicious taste that people have come to expect from The Cheesecake Factory.”

With nearly 50 mouthwatering lower calorie items, the SkinnyLicious menu offers a wide variety of new and signature favorites. The wide variety of selections will be featured on a standalone menu alongside the regular menu, and include options ranging from appetizers to main entrées. The Small Plates & Appetizers and fresh-baked Flatbreads categories feature dishes all under 490 calories, while the entrée Salads and main courses are all served with 590 calories or less. Also featured are five Skinny Cocktails each with 150 calories or less.

The SkinnyLicious menu will also introduce 13 brand-new items including the Mexican Tortilla Salad, the SkinnyLicious Hamburger and Tuscan Chicken. Low-calorie favorites offered on The Cheesecake Factory’s current menu such as the Beets with Goat Cheese, Chicken Pot Stickers and Asian Chicken Salad will also be offered on the SkinnyLicious menu.

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2nd Annual FIRE WIRE Road Trip

My family and I just returned from our 2nd Annual FIRE WIRE Road Trip, where we had an opportunity to experience some of the finest family friendly destinations that Southern California and Las Vegas have to offer.  We were also fortunate enough to spend some time at THE FIRE WIRE Headquarters. Our trip spanned 4 different airports, with a final overnight layover in Chicago.  The most valuable piece of travel equipment that we took was our ZÜCA Pro bag.  I was able to comfortably sit on my ZÜCA in the airport when there was limited seating.  It fit beautifully in the overhead compartments of each of the planes. Best of all, I was able to pack everyone’s individual overnight supplies in one convenient and well organized space.  Continue reading

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Prohibition, The Secret Atlanta Speakeasy

Prohibition was designed to look like an old fashioned underground speakeasy (a bar that has some sort of hidden and possibly restricted entrance point).

The Atlanta bar is located in Andrews Square Buckhead at 56 East Andrews Drive (inside the basement of Stout.)

Now how do you get in?

In the back of the lower courtyard is a door to what appears to be a defunct antique shop. Beside the door is a large red phone booth. You simply enter the booth, dial the number on the old fashioned rotary dial phone and a secret door in the back wall of the phone booth opens up allowing you entrance.

How do you get the number?

To get the secret access code of the day your best bet is to wine and/or dine at Cellar 56 upstairs (a great tapas restaurant and wine bar that’s operated by Prohibition’s owners), be very kind to your bartender and/or server, and if you’re well-dressed, well-behaved and lucky, someone will give it to you.

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