Amazon Unveils Home Robot Named ‘Astro’

Amazon announced a home robot named Astro during a press event on Tuesday. Astro has a rotating screen on wheels and features animated eyes that can respond to user interaction. The robot can also move from room to room while avoiding obstacles inside the home. Astro is built on Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and canContinue reading “Amazon Unveils Home Robot Named ‘Astro’”

Disney Imagineers Build A Walking Baby Groot Robot

The Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development team is developing a very short but freely mobile robot that can play the part of small characters in films.  According to Disney, the robotic actor can walk, gesture, and emote according to whatever is needed at the time. Their first prototype is a really adorable Baby GrootContinue reading “Disney Imagineers Build A Walking Baby Groot Robot”

MB&F Unveils Melchior Table Clock Robot For Its 10th Anniversary

MB&F will unveil Melchior for its 10th Anniversary. This robot is actually a table clock made from 480 components. The clock was designed by Xin Wang and uses a L’Epee clock moment as its head and torso. Its eyes are 20-second double retrograde counters, and its clock regulator is visible under the polished glass domeContinue reading “MB&F Unveils Melchior Table Clock Robot For Its 10th Anniversary”

Meet Jibo The World’s First Family Robot

We’ve dreamt of it for decades: a robotic assistant that becomes more than just an appliance, and more like part of the family. Jibo ($500) promises to be exactly that. This white, 11-inch tall companion would look right at home alongside Wall-E’s EVE, with an HD LCD touchscreen “face”, a sleek, white ABS plastic, glass,Continue reading “Meet Jibo The World’s First Family Robot”

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