Robots Created Out of Vintage Industrial Supplies

Going by the name +Brauer, Bruno Lefevre-Brauer is a graphic designer out of Paris that has created a collection of illuminated, upcycled robots for a series titled “Viva la Roboluciòn!” Each robotic work of art he creates combines old parts like gauges and wrenches with everything from springs to insulators to create unique, one-of-a-kind creations that areContinue reading “Robots Created Out of Vintage Industrial Supplies”

Tom Whalen Commission Print, Robots 101

Tom Whalen just completed his Robots commission print, titled Robots 101. This poster is 5 colors and will be printed with two metallics. Featuring a bevy of popular mechanical creatures from film and television, this poster will not be for sale but I had to show it off as it is quite spectacular!

Synthespians By Scott Park, Illustrated Versions of 66 Famous Robots From Movies & Television Shows

Toronto, Ontario-based art director Scott Park has created “Synthespians,” a poster featuring illustrated versions of 66 famous robots from movies and television shows. Prints are available to purchase online ($18 to $70).

Funko Pop! Robots: Robby The Robot, The Iron Giant and Robot B9 Coming On December 24, 2013

Forbidden Planet’s Robby The Robot, The Iron Giant and Robot B9 From Lost In Space will get the Funko Pop! treatment and hit store shelves on December 24, 2013.