Ruiz Burgos Princess Leia And Han Solo Prints To Be Released On March 10, 2023

Ruiz Burgos has created two gorgeous portraits for Bottleneck Gallery of one of our favorite Star Wars power couples, Han Solo and Princess Leia! Portraying famous fictional figures and trying to capture both their likeness and their essence is a tall task, and Ruiz gracefully knocked these portraits out of the park.  The prints goContinue reading “Ruiz Burgos Princess Leia And Han Solo Prints To Be Released On March 10, 2023”

WandaVision Print By Ruiz Burgos

Grey Matter art will release a WandaVision print by Ruiz Burgos tomorrow. The artist really captures the 50’s era style and nails the period from the first two Disney+ episodes perfectly. The WandaVision print will go on sale Thursday July 29 at 10 AM (PT) in the GMA Shop. WandaVision by Ruiz Burgos 24″ x 18″ Hand-NumberedContinue reading “WandaVision Print By Ruiz Burgos”

Batman 1989 Print By Ruiz Burgos

I’m usually on top of the latest Batman art but this one passed me by and I’m late to the game on this Dark Knight piece from Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos. I had written about him way back in 2014. Born in Granada, Spain) the illustrator has been working as a graphic designer for aContinue reading “Batman 1989 Print By Ruiz Burgos”

DC Comics Heroes & Villains Drawn In The Style of Norman Rockwell’s Covers From The Saturday Evening Post

Granada, Spain-based artist Ruiz Burgos (a.k.a. “OnlyMilo“) has created an amazing series of illustrations featuring DC Comics heroes and villains in the style of Norman Rockwell‘s iconic covers from The Saturday Evening Post. Burgos’ design process for each piece can be viewed on his art blog.

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