MIT Researchers Create M-Blocks, Modular, Self-Assembling Robots

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created M-Blocks, a set of modular, self-assembling robots. Each M-Block contains a flywheel that can reach speeds of 20,000 revolutions per minute that, when braked, provides momentum for the cube to move, flip, or even jump. Each cube face contains four pairs of magnetsContinue reading “MIT Researchers Create M-Blocks, Modular, Self-Assembling Robots”

The McGurk Effect – Your Eyes Will Fool Your Ears

The McGurk effect is a compelling demonstration of how we all use visual speech information. The effect shows that we can’t help but integrate visual speech into what we ‘hear’.

National Geographic Recreates The Flying Balloon House From Pixar’s Film “Up”

National Geographic has recreated the flying balloon house from the Disney Pixar film “Up” as part of the new National Geographic Channel series “How Hard Can it Be?” which premiers this Fall. National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16′ X 16′ house 18′ tallContinue reading “National Geographic Recreates The Flying Balloon House From Pixar’s Film “Up””

Who the World’s Most Typical Person?

With the earth’s population expected to exceed 7 billion this year, National Geographic set out to describe the “world’s most typical person” in the video “7 Billion: Are You Typical?” The video is part of National Geographic’s year-long series on the world population.  

The Twinkie Deconstructed

The photographer Dwight Eschliman was never a health nut himself, but he was raised by one; his mom kept her kids away from meat, dairy, or any kind of processed food. When Eschilman went away to college, he loosened up a bit, allowing himself to indulge in all sorts of previously forbidden treats, but byContinue reading “The Twinkie Deconstructed”

The Oil Crisis Might Be Solved With Mentos and Diet Coke

Almost four years to the day after Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe posted the (literally) explosive video featuring the Vegas-worthy fountains that they created from nothing more than Mentos dropped into two-liter bottles of Diet Coke, the pair has returned with a striking new endeavor. What started out as a backyard gag of the “dude,Continue reading “The Oil Crisis Might Be Solved With Mentos and Diet Coke”

What Are The 10 Most Addictive Sounds in the World?

You’re probably among the millions who have experienced it: driving in a car, listening to the radio, and suddenly this song comes on. It is not just any song–this was your favorite song when you were a teenager. As the first few notes strike up, you’re transported back in time. Everything is so vivid, andContinue reading “What Are The 10 Most Addictive Sounds in the World?”

Make Your Own Tiny Ice Cream

The next time you are bored at Denny’s and you are craving something sweet but small, try this fun experiment. 1. Order water. You need two big glasses on the table. Drink all the water. Leave all the ice. 2. Add the salt in layers with the ice. 3. Add creamer cups. Do not open the creamerContinue reading “Make Your Own Tiny Ice Cream”

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