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Reebok Unveils Aliens Inspired Bug Stomper Shoes

For fans looking for a unique form of collectible merchandise from the James Cameron sci-fi action horror classic Aliens, Reebok has a surprise for you in the form of the Bug Stompers shoes worn by the characters throughout the film.

The latest design features the Colonial Marine style camouflage with graphics including a Bug Stomper label to give them an authentic vibe, with the upper portion of the shoe made of a supple, full-grain leather.

In addition to the Bug Stomper label, the shoes features the line “We endanger species” from the logo for the Bug Stomper dropship in the film and the googly eyes that were on the armor worn by Bill Paxton’s Private Hudson. 

The new shoes will go on sale through the Reebok website on Saturday April 25 just in time for Alien Day on Sunday and will be available for the price of $215.

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Aliens‘ Reebok Stompers


Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products will release limited edition replicas of Aliens‘ Reebok Stompers.

The Reebok Stompers are said to be one of the most-requested licensed products. The shoes, worn by Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley (as well as the mid tops worn by Lance Henrikson as the Android Bishop) will be available beginning April 26th at Reebok.com and select Reebok stores worldwide. There are not yet official details on pricing or availability.

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