Silver Age Green Lantern Print By Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen’s newest print features Silver Age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Tom’s otherworldly print perfectly capture’s both Hal’s classic costume and the Silver Age DC aesthetic.  The regular and variant prints will be available for purchase Wednesday June 9th at 12PM (ET) at! Green Lantern by Tom Whalen Screen print 12 x 36 inchesContinue reading “Silver Age Green Lantern Print By Tom Whalen”

The Silver Age of DC Comics Is Now Available

With super heroes nearly extinct at the start of the 1950s, DC Comics reignited the fire that would make them central to modern popular culture by infusing them with science fiction elements. To circumvent the limitations of the self-censoring Comics Code Authority, DC’s writers and editors spun ever-more fantastic tales, bringing super heroes and BobContinue reading “The Silver Age of DC Comics Is Now Available”

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