Sonos Ray

Sonos announced the Sonos Ray, a compact soundbar with impressive sound for its size. Ray raises the bar for at-home entertainment with new acoustic innovations that deliver balanced sound, crisp dialogue and solid bass. Room-Filling Sound: Custom-designed waveguides project sound from wall to wall, and advanced processing accurately positions elements throughout your room so youContinue reading “Sonos Ray”

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

Bose has announced the new Smart Soundbar 900 — a Dolby Atmos speaker that provides unmatched immersion for music and movies. With proprietary Bose spatial technologies, the 900 elevates Dolby Atmos content by separating instruments, dialogue, and effects, and then places them in discrete parts of a room — far above, and to the farContinue reading “Bose Smart Soundbar 900”

Sonos Announces Ultra-Portable Roam Speaker

Sonos today introduced a new “ultra-portable” smart speaker called the Sonos Roam, designed for use both at home and on the go. Priced at $169, the Sonos Roam is the most affordable Sonos speaker available, and it is also the lightest at just under one pound. Sonos said that despite being “smaller than a waterContinue reading “Sonos Announces Ultra-Portable Roam Speaker”

Sonos introduces Move, The First Battery-Powered Sonos Speaker Built For The Outdoors

Today, Sonos introduced Sonos Move, a product that marks the company’s first step outside the home. Building on years of innovation in home audio to unlock the potential for great sound anywhere, Move is a powerful, versatile smart speaker that sounds incredible indoors, outdoors, and on the go. Move represents the best of the SonosContinue reading “Sonos introduces Move, The First Battery-Powered Sonos Speaker Built For The Outdoors”

The Vamp

If you have an unused speaker in the basement collecting dust put it back to good use with The Vamp (£35; roughly $55).   This diminutive cube-shaped box gives your aging gear new life by providing a Bluetooth link to your phone or tablet and a 4 Watt single-channel amplifier that can drive even largeContinue reading “The Vamp”

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