“Every Little Thing Turned Out All Right” By Stephen King

New York Times best-selling author and fervent Red Sox fan Stephen King had the following to say about his favorite team winning the 2013 World Series and what it means to Boston: “It’s not much, just a little reggae tune sung by the late Bob Marley, but during the three home games of the 2013Continue reading ““Every Little Thing Turned Out All Right” By Stephen King”

Rookies iPhone App: Create Your Own Personalized Baseball Cards

The iPhone Rookies App puts nostalgia into your fingertips. Whether it’s creating and sharing your personalized baseball cards on every social platform or purchasing a wax-sealed pack of your cards on premium retro stock, your collection will be the envy of your friends! The FREE App allows you to: Create: Snap a photo, customize colorsContinue reading “Rookies iPhone App: Create Your Own Personalized Baseball Cards”

The $12,900 Basketball

To commemorate the September 4th reopening of Hermès 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills boutique (434 N. Rodeo Drive) that’s undergoing renovation, the brand is rolling out its first-ever basketball for a whopping $12,900. Hermès has turned out footballs and soccer balls in the past, avoiding its signature orange in favor of a California-chic, cool blue for theContinue reading “The $12,900 Basketball”

Pixar Night At AT&T Park On May 20th

The Giants and Pixar Animation Studios are proud to bring the first ever “Pixar Night at the Park” to AT&T Park, during the 2013 season! Your special event ticket package includes a ticket to the Monday evening game versus the Nationals, and a special Pixar-themed Giants t-shirt! Additionally, every special event ticket holder gains accessContinue reading “Pixar Night At AT&T Park On May 20th”

One World Futbol

For every virtually indestructible One World Futbol you purchase for $40, The One World Futbol Project will give a second ball to a community in need through organizations working in disadvantaged communities such as refugee camps, war zones, disaster areas and inner cities.

bellicon Color Edition 44” Rebounder Review

Do you remember the feeling of jumping on a trampoline as a child, the sheer pleasure, the sense of freedom and exhilaration? I have found that feeling once again. For the past few months I have been researching creative and fun exercise alternatives in lieu of a regular boring gym routine. One piece of equipmentContinue reading “bellicon Color Edition 44” Rebounder Review”

Beyoncé Will Perform During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyoncé will perform during halftime at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3rd. While an official announcement is expected Wednesday, Beyonce posted the below image to her Tumblr mimicing eye-black, which football players use to stop the glare from the sun. It will be the second Super Bowl appearance for the superstar: BeyoncéContinue reading “Beyoncé Will Perform During Super Bowl Halftime Show”

Nerf Firevision

Nerf Firevision ($10-$20) is a new lineup of sports gear that uses microprism technology to make things visible even at night. Whether you’re playing football, basketball, or just bouncing a ball, all you need are a pair of Firevision glasses to see the action up to 100 feet away.

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