Every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover In One GIF

The first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was published on January 20, 1964. It was the brain child of Sports Illustrated editor André Laguerre — the winter months were typically a slow season for sports news, so the swimsuit issue was born to fill pages in the magazine. Fifty years later, the swimsuit issue is noContinue reading “Every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover In One GIF”

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

94Fifty ($295) is the first Smart Sensor Basketball that that works in conjunction with your smartphone and builds shooting and ball-handling skills fast.  The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball measures muscle memory that the human eye can’t see, learns the strengths and weaknesses of players at any level, adapts as the player improves, and provides basic,Continue reading “94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball”

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