Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Fantastic Four Vol. 1. (1961–1963) Book

In 1961 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created The Fantastic Four—a powerhouse super hero team revolutionary for their flaws and complexity—that kicked the comic industry into high gear. This XXL volume from the Eisner Award winning series reproduces the Four’s first 20 stories and charts how it became in Lee’s words “the world’s greatest comicContinue reading “Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Fantastic Four Vol. 1. (1961–1963) Book”

Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Avengers Vol. 1. (1963–1965)

Super-hero teams had been around since the 1940s, but Thor, Ant Man, the Wasp, Hulk, and Iron Man broke new ground when they joined forces to form the Avengers in 1963. They not only fought together, they occasionally fought each other!  The first 20 stories from the Avengers are collected in this Hulk-sized volume ($200)Continue reading “Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Avengers Vol. 1. (1963–1965)”

Taschen Presents The Marvel Comics Library Spider-Man Vol. 1. 1962–1964

Travel back in time to witness the creation of the world’s favorite web-slinger as dreamed up by comic book legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who redefined what it meant to be a hero. In this Hulk-sized, collector’s dream, the first 21 Spider-Man stories from 1962–1964 have been meticulously photographed from the most pristine copiesContinue reading “Taschen Presents The Marvel Comics Library Spider-Man Vol. 1. 1962–1964”

The History of EC Comics Book

In 1947, Bill Gaines inherited EC Comics, a new venture founded by his legendary father M. C. Gaines, who was responsible for midwifing the birth of the comic book as we know it during his tenure at All-American Comics, bringing the likes of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to the world. Over the next eightContinue reading “The History of EC Comics Book”

Taschen To Publish The Stan Lee Story XXL Edition

First published as a signed Collector’s Edition and sold out within a week, this is an unparalleled account of the life and times of Stan Lee, written and edited with the Godfather of comics himself. His tale is told by Roy Thomas, who brings “you are there” insights to Lee’s journey alongside never-before-seen photographs, originalContinue reading “Taschen To Publish The Stan Lee Story XXL Edition”

The Star Wars Archives: 1977–1983 From Taschen Books

Star Wars exploded onto our cinema screens in 1977, and the world has not been the same since. After watching depressing and cynical movies throughout the early 1970s, audiences enthusiastically embraced the positive energy of the Star Wars universe as they followed moisture farmer Luke Skywalker on his journey through a galaxy far, far away,Continue reading “The Star Wars Archives: 1977–1983 From Taschen Books”

Taschen Announces The Stan Lee Story Hardcover 

This is the big one, True Believers! The mostly true tale of Stan Lee: an unparalleled, Giant-Size extravaganza, eight years in the making, about the one and only Godfather of Comics. From his childhood in Depression-era New York, to making Marvel into the number one comics publisher in the world, to his modern-day reinvention asContinue reading “Taschen Announces The Stan Lee Story Hardcover “

Taschen Is Releasing A $30,000 Ferrari Book

Designed by Marc Newson, this luxury edition offers unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari archives, and from private collectors, to reveal the full story behind the Cavallino Rampante. Featuring a complete appendix of the company’s victories, this massive tome is elevated by a sculpture evocative of the 12-cylinder engine, topping off aContinue reading “Taschen Is Releasing A $30,000 Ferrari Book”

Walt Disney’s Disneyland By Chris Nichols

This bountiful visual history draws on Disney’s vast archives, private collections, and the golden age of photojournalism to provide unique access to the concept, development, and launch of the Anaheim, California oasis of fun and fantasy. It documents Walt’s earliest inspirations and ideas; the park’s extraordinary feats of design and engineering; its grand opening; eachContinue reading “Walt Disney’s Disneyland By Chris Nichols”

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse: The Complete History

Celebrate Mickey’s complete legacy with volume two of one of the most expansive illustrated publications on the Disney universe: 1,500 images such as behind-the-scenes shots and rare animation sketches salute the art behind all of Mickey’s 121 cartoons, his timeless comic adventures, and the world of Mickey merchandise and memorabilia.  This landmark 480 page volumeContinue reading “Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse: The Complete History”

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