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The Dark Knight Rises – Batman Memorial Statue By Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom presents the latest installment in the Master Craft series, which is loved by collectors around the world. The new piece is the Dark Night Memorial Statue, based on the Christian Bales’ Batman in the film The Dark Knight Rises. The statue realistically recreates Bruce Wayne donning the Batsuit. In order to save Gotham City from a nuclear bomb, Batman flew his personal flying machine, the Bat, out over the water with the bomb so that it could detonate away from the city. For his sacrifice, Gotham built a memorial of statue of Batman.

The Master Craft series continues its tradition of precision and beauty. Molded and painted by hand with great attention to detail, this statue is faithful to the film. Not only are the statue and platform extremely detailed, but they also exhibit a very realistic aging effect. This item is not to be missed by collectors and fans of Batman and the Dark Knight trilogy. Add it to your collection today!

The collectible stands over 17.5″ tall and iis scheduled to be released in the Third Quarter of the year. Pricing has not been announced at this time.

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French Paper Art To Release The Dark Knight Rises Print By Tomer Hanuka On March 30, 2016

On March 30, 2016 French Paper Art will release The Dark Knight Rises print by Tomer Hanuka.

A few words from Tomer: “Batman’s super power is that he’s human, scared by life, a self made monster. With this print, I tried to recreate a mythic struggle between two opposing forces, that’s as violent as it is intimate.”


The Dark Knight Rises
Tomer Hanuka
9 color screen-print
Limited Edition of 250
Size: 24×36
60 euros 


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