Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

You must be worthy in order to wield Thor’s hammer, but Marvel never mentioned any restrictions on Thor’s screwdriver or his pliers. Wield them all with our Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set! This 44-piece tool set, a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, comes in a molded case that looks like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Inside it hasContinue reading “Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set”

Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack

ThinkGeek is featuring an officially licensed Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack ($49.99) that provides a retro way of storing all of your small, medium, and large alien invaders. The water resistant backpack features an “invader design on zippers, silicone arcade cabinet buttons and an insert quarter hole,” and more. As fun as carrying around anContinue reading “Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack”

ThinkGeek Build On Brick Bookends

ThinkGeek has just launched these Build on Brick Bookends. The set of two bookends have an exterior building surface that are compatible with many construction bricks including LEGO. They also have metal slides for under the books for more stability. You can now order them HERE and the set of two will go for $19.99. ImportantContinue reading “ThinkGeek Build On Brick Bookends”

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan Available At Thinkgeek

Trash is just not that cool. Not only can it be dirty and odorous but it’s simply low-tech and boring. At least that’s what we used to think… until we saw this amazing R2-D2 Trashcan and learned to love trash. This stylish officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible is imported from Japan and is an incredibly detailedContinue reading “Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan Available At Thinkgeek”

ThinkGeek To Release Star Trek Phaser Remote Control In November 2014

Created using 3D scans of the actual prop used on the original Star Trek series, this phaser remote control will be officially revealed at ThinkGeek’s San Diego Comic Con booth next week. The learning remote will control of IR-based devices using up to 36 stored commands. The device relies solely on motion gestures for itsContinue reading “ThinkGeek To Release Star Trek Phaser Remote Control In November 2014”

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

This set of R2-D2 Measuring Cups from ThinkGeek ($20) disassembles into 4 measuring cups plus 4 measuring spoons and reassembles in a snap (fortunately, it’s not as complicated as C-3PO). Each has its measurement written inside so you can’t forget what they are and handles on the back that don’t distract from R2’s aesthetic. Features:Continue reading “R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set”

Wall Torch Sconce From ThinkGeek For Little Explorers/Adventurers

The Wall Torch Sconce ($19.99) is a wall-mounted light fixture that can also be detached from its mount and used as a hand-held torch.  It measures almost a foot tall and is made of plastic for easy gripping (and safe dropping) by little hands. And when their adventuring is done, it hangs back up onContinue reading “Wall Torch Sconce From ThinkGeek For Little Explorers/Adventurers”

Batman Family Car Decal Set

Every April Fools’ Day, ThinkGeek announces fake products that we wish were real. This year, they advertised the Batman Family Decal Set. Though you can’t have everything that Batman can, you still can show your love for the caped crusader’s angst by sticking the Batman Family Car Decal Set on your car. One gravestone forContinue reading “Batman Family Car Decal Set”

Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case From ThinkGeek

You can now show off your love of Star Wars while also passing out your business information with the spring-loaded Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case ($25) from Think Geek. What appears to be a solid block of carbonite containing a tiny Han Solo is actually a spring-loaded case that holds a dozen businessContinue reading “Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case From ThinkGeek”

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