The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode Titles Revealed

During Netflix‘s Geeked Week announcements, The Umbrella Academy creator and showrunner Steve Blackman has revealed the official titles for the hit superhero series’ upcoming ten new episodes. There is currently no release date yet for the highly-anticipated third season of The Umbrella Academy, but it is still in production in Canada. The Umbrella Academy SeasonContinue reading “The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode Titles Revealed”

Stranger Things: Season 3 Title Tease

Still no trailer but Netflix just announced the episode titles for Stranger Things season 3. There will be 8 episodes and the titles are: 1. Suzie, Do You Copy? 2. The Mall Rats 3. The Case of the Missing Life Guard 4. The Sauna Test 5. The Source 6. The Birthday 7. The Bite 8.Continue reading “Stranger Things: Season 3 Title Tease”

High-Profile Movies That Changed Their Title

Entertainment Weekly has rounded up 23 of the most memorable movie title changes to decide if the films were named correctly, or if they had it right the first time. You can check out the list HERE. Original name: Revenge of the Jedi Final name: Return of the Jedi For better or worse? Debatable. I’mContinue reading “High-Profile Movies That Changed Their Title”

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