Buck TravelMate Kit

It’s a kitchen on the go! The perfect portable tool for preparing food while camping, picnicking, road tripping, RVing, tailgating, hunting or relaxing anywhere in the outdoors. It slices, dices, spreads and serves. The spreader’s flexible blade allows you to easily spread peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly or any other condiment, but is also sturdyContinue reading “Buck TravelMate Kit”

Coolbox Reinvents The Toolbox

Coolbox, the world’s smartest toolbox, today announced that it is reinventing the toolbox by combining cutting-edge technology with the classic toolbox we all remember. To fund final development of the product, Coolbox has launched an Indiegogo campaign which has raised almost $250,000 in just three weeks, demonstrating the tremendous demand for the product.  The CoolboxContinue reading “Coolbox Reinvents The Toolbox”

THE FIRE WIRE 2013 Holiday Must-Have List: The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool

The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool ($30) is super functional, compact, rugged, ergonomically correct and styled for urban living.  With the Kelvin, you can hang pictures, you can tighten up a loose ceiling fan, you can measure small spaces before buying furniture too large for them. No more running around the house, trying to remember whereContinue reading “THE FIRE WIRE 2013 Holiday Must-Have List: The Kelvin.23 Urban Multi Tool”

THE FIRE WIRE 2013 Holiday Must-Have List: Kaufmann Mercantile Wood Handled Screwdriver Set of 8

Kaufmann Mercantile teamed with a decades old company to create a handsome and functional set of screwdrivers. The handle is hand carved on a lathe out of Maine hardwood, with grooves for extra grip. The square-shank screwdriver shaft has a black oxide finish in order to prevent corrosion. The handle and the shaft are combinedContinue reading “THE FIRE WIRE 2013 Holiday Must-Have List: Kaufmann Mercantile Wood Handled Screwdriver Set of 8”

WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver

The WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver ($40) is the most convenient cordless screwdriver ever. There’s always a pesky loose screw somewhere around the house, and your screwdriver never seems to fit – until now. The WORX SD stores all the bits you need directly in the tool, so the bits never get lost and there’s noContinue reading “WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver”

The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Ring

Designer Bruce Boone has created the Titanium Utility Ring ($385), a swiss army knife for your finger. The titanium ring contains five “tools’ that fold individually out of the ring — a comb, a straight blade, a bottle opener, a saw and a serrated blade. Width is a standard 9mm, though ring sizing is customizedContinue reading “The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Ring”

Black & Decker Gyro – The Motion-Activated Screwdriver

The sensors found in smart phones and Nintendo Wii controllers have migrated into Black & Decker’s cordless 4v MAX Gyro ($40), billed as the world’s first motion-activated screwdriver. Tilt it right by a mere quarter of an inch and it screws clockwise to tighten; left, and it turns counterclockwise—all thanks to an internal gyroscope thatContinue reading “Black & Decker Gyro – The Motion-Activated Screwdriver”

Father’s Day Gift Idea: Craftsman Lighted Pliers

These new Craftsman Lighted Pliers($35 for a set of 2) feature a patented center hub with an LED that focuses light directly on the work surface. Ideal for low light conditions and any situation requiring bright, precise lighting on the work area.

Victorinox Unveils A $3,000 Swiss Army Knife With 1TB Flash Drive

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Victorinox unveiled a Swiss Army Knife that houses a USB 3.0 SSD drive with up to 1TB of storage capacity. The list price for this portable storage device is a whopping $3,000. Victorinox will also offer the device in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, though the company hasContinue reading “Victorinox Unveils A $3,000 Swiss Army Knife With 1TB Flash Drive”

Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench

The compact yet highly functional Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench ($180) weighs only 2.9 oz but don’t let its diminutive size fool you. This versatile tool offers a trigger-locking adjustable wrench, an ultra sharp, titanium coated blade attached to the jaw, a wire stripping hole, a double-ended driver bit, a 1/4-inch hex bit driver with o-ring,Continue reading “Wrex Titanium Pocket Wrench”

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