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The Boring Company Loop System

In a tunnel underneath the streets of Hawthorne, CA, Elon Musk’s other venture, The Boring Company is focused on the future of urban mobility. 

Musk invited a select group of people to come and try their first test tunnel. 1.14 miles in length. The tunnel is built for autonomous electric vehicles outfitted with deployable tracking wheels. The video below shows one of these early test runs, from lowering down the elevator shaft at the start to its return to the surface via a separate elevator at the end. 

Concept Transport Vehicle

In addition to private vehicles, the company will also operate a number of its own vehicles as public transit, however, no opening date has been set.

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Walkcar by Cocoa Motors is a laptop-sized personal transportation vehicle. The Walkcar has a 13-inch carbon body that weighs just 2.8 kg, a top speed of 16 km/h, and a 60 minute run time per charge.

Interested customers can preorder the Walkcar now, and it is expected to begin shipping in September 2017 for $1,280.

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Walk Car


Meet Walk Car, a transporter that’s small, light and apparently easy to use! The product is battery powered and is about the size of a laptop. And can hold 265 pounds. Walk Car can go up to 6.2 miles per hour for up to 7.4 miles and needs three hours to charge.

Creator Kuniako Saito told Reuters in an interview, “‘What if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?’ and my friend asked me to make one, since I was doing my masters in engineering specifically on electric car motor control systems.”

The WalkCar could soon be seen on the streets of Tokyo. It will launch later this year on fundraising site Kickstarter and if successful, its developers say it will ship next year, with a price tag of about 800 dollars.

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The Nissan NV200, New York City’s Next Taxi Cab Officially Unveiled

This week marks the official unveiling of the Nissan NV200 taxi cab, which will begin replacing New York City’s taxi fleet in October, 2013. The cab features a low annoyance horn, more legroom, anti-microbial seats and USB chargers for mobile devices.


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Look Out Wonder Woman, Airbus Unveils The Transparent Plane of The Future

With its see-through aircraft cabin, passengers of the future will get a get a window on the world as they fly through the sky. For this plane with it’s ‘intelligent’ cabin wall membrane and interactive games, may be everyday air transport in 2050. The futuristic concept for travel was unveiled yesterday in London by Airbus

Business and economy cabins would be replaced by zones for relaxation in the front, work in the back, and a fully-stocked bar for socializing.

Passengers will be able to see everything to the sides and in front of them. The aircraft’s walls change according to light conditions. There are holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight entertainment powered by the heat of passengers’ bodies. The technology could mean that travelers might even be able to read bedtime stories to their children back home. Most of the basic technology such as moulding seats and ‘head-up displays’ already exist, but how Airbus plans to make the plant-based, transparent ‘skin’ of the plane remains a mystery.

The cabin would be a bionic structure that ‘mimics’ the efficiency of bird bone, claim Airbus. It would provide strength where needed, and also allows for an ‘intelligent’ cabin wall membrane which controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers open, panoramic views.

Airbus believes that passengers might be able to enjoy a game of virtual golf or take part in interactive conferences, while the cabin ‘identifies and responds’ to travelers’ needs.

In the cabin concept, the ‘vitalizing zone’ helps passengers relax, with vitamin and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments. In the ‘interactive zone’ there are virtual pop-up projections taking passengers to whichever social scene they want to be in, from holographic gaming to virtual changing rooms for active shoppers.

The ‘smart tech zone’ is tailored towards the more functional-orientated passenger with what Airbus describes as ‘a chameleon-style offering.’

It aims to meet individual needs ranging from a simple to a complete luxury service, but all allowing you to continue life as if on the ground’.

Airbus engineering executive vice-president Charles Champion said: ‘Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment. (Reprinted from The Daily Mail)


Window on the world: Gone are the small aircraft windows in the ‘vitalizing zone’ which provides a panoramic view for passengers


Artists impression of an x-ray of an ‘intelligent’ concept cabin of an aircraft of the future


The cabin wall membrane controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers views throughout the day and night


Artist’s impression of how the aircraft of 2050 will look on the outside at night


Passengers will be able to play virtual golf in the interaction zone on the plane

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Uno 3, The Transforming Scooter Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The innovative self-balancing two-wheeled Uno 3 scooter began as a high school science fair project and now it has gone into production and can be pre-ordered from BPG Motors. The Uno 3 combines the reduced parking footprint of a Segway with all the benefits of a conventional motorcycle.

The Uno 3 can balance solely on its rear wheels in “Uno mode,” enabling unmatched nimbleness with an extremely tight turning radius. This alone will make it ideal for urban settings. When higher speeds are needed, the middle wheel can drop down in front and the outer wheels shift backwards transforming the Uno 3 into a full street bike.

Inspired by the congested streets of China, the design not only makes it collapsible to allow it to fit easily into an elevator, but the Uno 3 also produces zero tailpipe emissions.

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21 Year Old British Designer Creates The Bendy Bike

More than 2 bikes are stolen every hour in London.  This young designer, Kevin Scott, hopes to change that. This ‘bendable’ bike can literally wrap around a light pole thanks to the ratchet system built into the frame. By winding the crank the bike’s inner frame tenses, while unwinding it loosens the frame making it bend.

While a lock isn’t built into the frame, the intention is to enable riders to lock both wheels and frame with a single lock. Kevin’s design is on display at the New Designers show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, north London.

Read more HERE.

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Razor Ground Force Drifter

The all new Razor Ground Force Drifter ($299.99) is designed for serious outdoor fun.  The electric powered drifter kart lets you bring home the fun in awesome drifter fashion. The race-tuned chassis and super slick rear wheels will make you the neighborhood drift king! Power slide through corners, throw fish tales or fast 180’s! The classic kart styling features low profile cast aluminum wheels, sturdy steel construction and they have upgraded the rear axle for increased maneuverability steering. The variable speed, thumb trigger acceleration control and a hand operated rear brake give the driver maximum drifting control.  Razor also upgraded its drifter wheels using molded aluminum wheels with solid rubber tires and super slider POM rear wheels. With powerful speeds up to 12 miles per hour, the electric powered Ground Force Drifter is a force to be reckoned with. Suitable for riders of ages 8 and older, the sleek Ground Force Drifter’s quiet variable-speed, chain-driven motor is powered by two 12-volt batteries, which deliver approximately 45 minutes of drive time per charge and can hold riders up to 140 lbs. Other safety features include a sturdy steel frame,  a rear, easy visibility flag, and a durable bucket seat with a shoulder seat strap. The Razor Ground Force Drifter is backed by a 90-day warranty.  There is some assembly is required, though the tools are included and we found it extremely easy to put together. The Ground Force Drifter is designed for controlled environments free of potential traffic hazards and not on public streets.  We tested ours in our cul-de sac with 5 other neighborhood kids of varying ages and the Razor Ground Force Drifter was a huge hit! (Reviewed by Don Thompson and tested by Asher Thompson)

Check out this video to see the Razor Ground Force Drifter in action.

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New Bus For London Design Unveiled

The New Bus for London will use the latest green technology when it launches in 2012. It will meet London Buses’ requirements for vehicles in public service in London, including high standards of accessibility, safety and emissions abatement. In addition, it will be more durable, more fuel efficient and better ventilated. The bus will incorporate a double-deck and a platform at the rear near-side corner, so passengers will be able to get on and off easily.

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