Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire

This original carte de visite (small photograph) from 1870 shows a man who looks hauntingly similar to Nicolas Cage. The only logical explanation is that the Academy Award winning actor is a vampire who has lived for over 150 years. Should you wish to purchase this unique image, it’s available on eBay with a startingContinue reading “Nicolas Cage Is A Vampire”

The Sol Cinema: The World’s Smallest Solar Powered Cinema

The Sol Cinema is a micro movie house powered entirely by the sun. The micro movie house can accommodate 8 adults comfortably for a unique cinematic experience. They have a full library of comedy, quirky, music videos and short films with inspiring environment themes.

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Soy Sauce Bar

I was unaware that the Kit Kat candy bar had so many unusual flavors around the world that go far beyond the tradition chocolate and wafer. Sure I would try Cookies and Cream or Caramel Macchiato but I’m not sure about the Red Beak Soup. HERE are 35 unusual Kit Kat varieties from around theContinue reading “Break Me Off A Piece Of That Soy Sauce Bar”

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