Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards Return From Upper Deck

Upper Deck announces the return of its iconic Marvel Masterpieces trading card set, featuring 135 all-new pieces of original art painted by critically acclaimed illustrator David Palumbo. The super-premium release took nearly two years to complete and covers a comprehensive list of Marvel’s most famous heroes and villains. Marvel fans have a lot to lookContinue reading “Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards Return From Upper Deck”

Pulp Fiction Prints By Dave Perillo

Dave Perillo’s latest work of art is inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed film, “Pulp Fiction” and was created exclusively for the Upper Deck Gallery. Perillo’s 12” x 36” illustration depicts the cast of Pulp Fiction characters in iconic scenes from the movie using the artist’s unique style of bright colors, geometrical patterns and distinctive layouts.Continue reading “Pulp Fiction Prints By Dave Perillo”

Daredevil Print By Raid71

Attention Daredevil fans and Marvel collectors! Upper Deck introduces the first in a collection of limited, hand numbered posters featuring all original art of your favorite characters. The first release, available exclusively at Comic-Con, depicts Daredevil by Raid71 in an original piece of 24” x 36” full color art, silk screen printed onto 100# coverContinue reading “Daredevil Print By Raid71”

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