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USA Today Interview: Chip Kidd, How I Became a Book Designer

With a body of work spanning from designing the iconic cover of “Jurassic Park” to writing his own novels, Chip Kidd has worked with some of the most famous names in literature and cartoons. The words and designs of the TED speaker, book cover designer, author and editor have been seen around the world, and Kidd’s advice rings true: “Do it because you love it.”

USA TODAY caught up with Kidd to talk about everything from doppio macchiatos and Carrie Fisher to developing a thick skin and what will be on the first line of his obituary.

Read the interview HERE.

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USA Today Interview With Stephen King


USA Today featured an interview with Stephen King in which he spoke about Doctor Sleep and offers his insight about how The Shining  influenced his writing of Doctor Sleep.

The author also discusses future projects:

Next for King is a non-supernatural suspense novel, Mister Mercedes, about a deranged terrorist with a bomb. King says he began it before the Boston Marathon bombing, but it’s “too creepily close for comfort.”

The Maine writer also hopes to stay involved with the TV adaptation of his science-fiction novel Under the Dome, a CBS hit that ended its debut season with a cliffhanger Monday. Anticipating a second season, he hopes to write the script of the first episode or “maybe even a couple,” but he won’t say if it will diverge from the novel.

Read the full interview HERE.

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USA Today Talks To Author Owen King


When you’re the youngest son of Stephen King, the master of literary horror, and your first novel is about a famous father and a rebellious, resentful son, you know the questions you’ll be asked.

Owen King, 36, is almost apologetic when he says that the father and son in his novel, Double Feature (Scribner), to be released Tuesday, are in no way based on himself and his dad or their relationship.

USA Today Talks To Author Owen King and you can read the article and watch the video HERE.

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