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DC Comics Announce Joker Variant Covers For June 2015

June 2015 is a big month for DC Comics, and with it comes a variant cover theme celebrating one of its very biggest villains — the Joker. DC has made variant themes a monthly tradition and here’s a look at all of the Joker variants planned for June:


Action Comics #41 by Darwin Cooke


Aquaman #41 by Walter Simonson and Laura Martin


Batgirl #41 by Rafael Albuquerque


Batman #41 by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth


Batman/Superman #21 by Jock 


Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido


Deathstroke #7 by Lee Weeks and R&T Horie


Detective Comics #41 by Patrick Gleason and John Kalisz


Gotham Academy #7 by Craig Rousseau


Gotham By Midnight by John Van Fleet


Grayson #9 by Dave Johnson


Green Arrow #41 by Bill Sienkiewicz


Green Lantern #41 by Ben Oliver


Harley Quinn #17 by Eduardo Risso


Justice League #41 by David Finch & Jonathan Glapion and Brad Anderson


Justice League of America #1 by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi


Lobo #7 by Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten and Jeromy Cox


New Suicide Squad #9 by Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair


Secret Six #3 by Dan Jurgens & Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair


Sinestro #12 by Joshua Middleton


Superman #41 by Karl Kerschl


Superman/Wonder Woman #18 by Cliff Chiang


Teen Titans #9 by Scott McDaniel and R&T Horie


The Flash #41 by Eddy Barrows and Marcelo Maiol


Wonder Woman #41 by Brian Bolland

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DC Reveals Convergence Variant Covers By Chip Kidd

April will kick off DC’s latest big event, Convergence. This two-month storyline involves both the weekly Convergence mini-series and 40 two-issue comics that focus on various DC heroes pulled from the publisher’s pre-New 52 history.

DC revealed that all 40 mini-series will feature a variant cover illustrated by acclaimed artist/designer Chip Kidd.

DC’s Convergence Event Brings Back the Old DC Universe and you can read an interview with Kidd HERE where he discusses his design process and the inspiration behind the striking color palette in these images.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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DC Comics To Release Variant Covers By Darwyn Cooke In December

DC Comics announces that each title in December’s Variant Cover Theme Month will exclusively feature artwork by Darwyn Cooke.  Each cover is in landscape format and has a mix of old and new, classic and contemporary looks for your favorite super heroes!

Here is a list of the variant comics that will feature covers by Cooke:

Action Comics #37
Aquaman #37
Batgirl #37
Batman #37
Batman & Robin #37
Batman/Superman #17
Catwoman #37
Detective Comics #37
Flash #37
Harley Quinn #12
He-Man: The Eternity War #1
Grayson #4
Green Lantern #37
Green Lantern Corps #37
JLU #7
Justice League #37
Justice League Dark #37
Teen Titans #5
Sinestro #8
Supergirl #37
Superman #37
Superman/Wonder Woman #14
Wonder Woman #37

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DC Celebrates Halloween With Horror-Themed Variant Covers

DC Comics continues its themed variant cover program in October 2014 as various artists are unleashed upon a number of titles, showing the heroes of the DCU in a variety of horrific looks and situations.

Neal Adams, Rafael Albuquerque, Chris Burnham and others will depict Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DCU as a monstrous variety of ghoulish creatures appropriate for the Halloween holiday.

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Announcing DC Entertainment’s Comic-Con International: San Diego Variant Cover Exclusives

San Diego’s Comic-Con International is just around the corner – and we’ve got a first look at some of the exclusives making their debut at the show from DC Entertainment. DC Entertainment’s Comic-Con exclusive variant comic book covers spotlight some of DC Comics’ most popular series! This year, DC Entertainment is thrilled to have the following exclusive comic books for sale at Comic-Con International: San Diego.


Batman # 32

Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo, Batman gets one step closer to the endgame with The Riddler in this penultimate issue of Zero Year. This exclusive variant features a stunning wraparound cover with the Dark Knight in action by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia along with the Batman 75 commemorative logo.


Superman # 32

A new era for Superman begins! Illustrated by legendary super-talent John Romita, Jr., the convention exclusive for Superman #32, written by luminary Geoff Johns, shows a Romita, Jr. original black and white sketch of the Man of Steel, inked by Klaus Janson!


Grayson # 1

You won’t want to miss out on this Grayson #1 convention exclusive with cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli! Written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Mikel Janin, a thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins as an agent of Spyral in this new, ongoing series!


Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego # 1

Our favorite little troublemaker, Harley Quinn, takes on Comic-Con International: San Diego in this over the top issue written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti! This title will have two exclusive variants. The first will be a full wraparound cover by Amanda  Conner while the second will be an exclusive blank variant cover.


The Comic-Con International: San Diego Batman #32 exclusive variant will be available for $12 while Superman #32, Grayson #1 and Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego # 1 exclusive variants will be available for $10 each.

But that’s not all. If you’re a fan of Batman’s greatest villain, The Joker, get your hands on The Joker Skin Mask from Rubies Costumes.  Based on the critically acclaimed “Death of the Family” storyline, available for $29.95.

All are must-have collector’s items! To purchase the variant covers or the mask, head on over to the Graphitti Designs booth (#2314) where they will be available while supplies last.


And if you’re looking for an all ages comic book, head on over to the Diamond Previews booth (#2401) to pick up the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? # 47 convention exclusive. The cover features Scooby dressed as Batman and the Mystery, Inc. gang dressed as various DC Comics characters drawn by Scott Neely and colored by Candace Bell.

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 takes place July 24-27 and is being held in the San Diego Convention Center located at 111 W. Harbor Drive in San Diego, California.

Stay up to speed on all DC Entertainment happenings by downloading the DC Entertainment Events App on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. And please visit the DC Entertainment booth (#1915) to meet some of your favorite writers and artists!

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Pin-Up Superheroines Take Over DC Comic Covers This June

Artist Ant Luscia’s popular pin-up inspired “DC Bombshells” are being featured with their own run of comic book covers. The women of DC will be featured as variant covers for a number of DC’s most popular titles this June.

Here is a full list of the variant covers:

-Action Comics #32
-Detective Comics #32
-Green Lantern #32
-Batgirl #32
-Batman #32
– Green Lantern Corps #32
-Justice League United #2
-Superman/Wonder Woman #9
-Batman and Ra’s al Ghul #32
-Batman/Superman #12:
-Batwoman #32
-Harley Quinn #7
-Justice League #32
-Red Hood and the Outlaws #32
-Wonder Woman #32
-Aquaman #32
-Catwoman #32
-Justice League Dark #32
-Superman #32
-The Flash #32

1396970335227 cw_32_bombshell_variant_lr1 DCBombshellsBlackCanary DCBombshellsSupergirl enhanced-buzz-wide-7989-1399485281-43 enhanced-buzz-wide-8500-1399485292-27 enhanced-buzz-wide-8523-1399485273-19 enhanced-buzz-wide-12910-1399485283-18 enhanced-buzz-wide-16850-1399485274-9 enhanced-buzz-wide-24546-1399485291-35 enhanced-buzz-wide-31216-1399485284-20 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso1_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso2_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso3_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso4_1280 tumblr_n3pzxeWKLl1qkelpso5_1280

enhanced-buzz-wide-3910-1399577207-18 enhanced-buzz-wide-8187-1399577499-27

1-flash32cvrv01r02jpg-9584b5_960w 2-batman32cvrv01r02jpg-9584b8_960w 3-batmanras32cvrv01r01jpg-dcf8d4_960w 4-jl32cvrv01r01jpg-9584c7_960w 5-sgbgcoverv01r01jpg-9584d4_960w

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Superman Unchained Variant Covers Celebrate 75 Years of Superman

Superman Unchained” #1 by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee hits stores June 12, and DC Comics is planning a number of variant covers to celebrate the hero’s 75th anniversary.

Eight new variant covers by fan-favorite and critically acclaimed artists Bruce Timm, Dave Johnson, Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Lee Bermejo, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Brett Booth that each represent a different era for the Man of Steel.

Everything from Superman’s inception through the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Modern Age, through to capturing the time of Superman Reborn will be represented. Check out the covers below:


Variant cover by Bruce Timm


Variant cover by Dave Johnson


Variant cover by Neal Adams


Variant cover by Jerry Ordway


Variant cover by Dan Jurgens


Variant cover by Lee Bermejo


Variant cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez


Variant cover by Brett Booth


Digital deluxe cover by Jim Lee.


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