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Vincent Chong’s Cover For The Shining Limited Edition

Artist Vincent Chong created the dustjacket artwork for the limited edition of The Shining. He thought it would be cool to utilize the wraparound cover so that the front of the book showcased only Jack Torrance with Danny on the back. When the book is opened flat you get the complete image.


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Cover For The Subterranean Press Special Edition of Stephen King’s The Shining


Here is the cover for the Subterranean Press Special Limited Edition of Stephen King’s The Shining.

The dust jacket and interior illustrations were renedered by Vincent Chong and the book will also include a signature page illustration by Dagmara Matuszak.

For a limited time, those who preorder the gift edition of The Shining direct from Subterranean Press will also receive a bonus chapbook of Vincent Chong’s rough sketches.

The Gift Edition will have a print run of 1500 deluxe hardcover copies which will be housed in a custom slipcase for $95. The book is due in November 2013.

Here is a sample of the interior art.


The_Shining_by_Stephen_King_Bloody_Hand The_Shining_by_Stephen_King_Endpapers The_Shining_by_Stephen_King_Jack_with_Mallet The_Shining_by_Stephen_King_Redrum



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