Watch The You People Trailer

When a rideshare mix-up in LA brings Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) together, the two find themselves connecting over a shared love of streetwear and music. As they fall in love, their relationship is tested by their respective families: Ezra’s progressive and semi-woke parents (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny) and Amira’sContinue reading “Watch The You People Trailer”

Watch The “You People” Teaser Trailer

Meeting the parents is never easy, but in Netflix’s new rom-com You People, things are about to get extra messy. Kenya Barris’ directorial debut, which he co-wrote with star Jonah Hill, puts an interfaith, culture-clash twist on the relationship rite of passage. The film follows Ezra and Amira as they navigate the treacherous waters thatContinue reading “Watch The “You People” Teaser Trailer”

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