Attention Walmart Shoppers: Rumored Gaming Deals This Weekend

Walmart may or may not be selling an Xbox 360 Arcade system with a bonus $100 gift card for $199 this Saturday.  Keep in mind that the 360 Arcade unit is hard drive free, but it’s a great bargain nonetheless when you throw an extra hundred bucks in the box.

The retailer may or may not also be selling a Sony BluRay player for $148 and a 46-inch Panasonic Plasma television for $788.  This rumor came from a tipster that emailed various press outlets and included an image from Wal-Mart’s computer system showing all the deals that are rumored to hit this weekend.  As with any rumor, make sure to take this with a grain of salt until we can verify it.

Since gaming news is still going through the baby steps phase here on The Fire Wire, a rumored deal like this might be a chance for those who don’t yet own a console to come on in and test the water… or at least get you thinking about it.

We’ll keep you posted on all game related deals as we continue the inevitable death-march to Black Friday.  We’re good like that. (Written by Nick Creature)



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