McSweeney’s Summer Sale – The Best Week of The Year!

What have they got? They’ve got Zeitoun and The Wild Things at half price; Chabon at 75 percent off; quarterlies for under $5 and Wholphins for even less—they’ve got all three subscriptions at pinchpenny-friendly prices. You can save $17 on the normally splurge-worthy Marcel Dzama, and $14 on three volumes of Art Spiegelman; then you can take that $31 you just saved and buy something like the brand-new Spike Jonze book-film-CD threefer! And the truly thrifty would do well to walk around the side of the metaphorical parking lot to their garage sale, where many, many barely used books are going for even less.

So check out and pick up some great books for you and your friends!

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