The Top Four Fantasy Games of 2016

The end of 2015 is fast approaching and a new year is beginning, that means one thing: a new year of fantasy gaming. 2016 looks to be another great year with plenty new and highly anticipated RPGs and unfettered action RPGs. No matter what console you play the most, 2016 promises not to disappoint. The following are the top for fantasy games to play in 2016. There will be more unfolding throughout the remaining months of 2015, but these are the games that will get you through the long winter.

A New Kind of MMORPG: The Secret World


The Secret World online game is unlike any MMORPG you’ve played. In this fantasy title, you’re pitted against foes in a modern-day setting, and you have the “unparalleled freedom of character progression.” Although the setting is modern, it’s nothing like our current world. It’s the real world if every “myth, conspiracy theory, and urban legend was true.” And, you can be anyone and anything you want.

The Immersive and Expansive Fallout 4


While officially released during this calendar year, Fallout 4 is still considered a 2016 game (probably because it will take until then to fully explore the Commonwealth). Fallout 4 builds off the success and great gameplay of the previous titles. You’ve just escaped a vault and you’re on a mission to find your son, Shawn. The Commonwealth is incredibly detailed and expansive, so it’s a long time before parent and child are reunited.

Finally, a Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7, the popular game dating back to the 90s is being remade. PlayStation 4 will be the only platform on which this game will be available. Based on early details, this release will not disappoint. It will feature many of the same characters and storylines that have been prevalent throughout the franchise; however, the graphics, gameplay, and overall gaming experience will be greatly improved. Square Enix has said that they are planning to add a few surprises to the game rather than just simply updating the exact same title.



Doom is expected to be released some time in 2016, and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The original Doom was a pioneer in terms of creating first-person fantasy shooter games. This game will continue to feature the same familiar gameplay, but will also include better graphics and highly improved gameplay compared to the original (which was pretty great considering its age). So if you enjoy intense first person combat games, that allow you to destroy a variety of monsters and demons, this is definitely the game for you.

Each year as technology becomes more and more advanced a new crop of games are released. 2016 will be no exception. 2016 will feature many great new games as well as remade or updated versions of the classic titles that got everything started. So get ready for some intense, high quality gaming sessions in the coming year.

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