Starbucks Introducing The Trenta: A Plus Sized Iced Drink This Week

Starbucks will offer a new plus-sized iced drink beginning this week. The “Trenta” will be 31 ounces — one ounce shy of a quart — and available for iced coffee, Tazo shaken iced tea and iced tea lemonade.

The coffee purveyor is rolling out the Trenta in 14 states in the South and Southwest beginning Tuesday. In early May, the Trenta will be sold in all U.S. Starbucks stores, the company said.

The Trenta-sized drinks will cost 50 cents more than its current tallest drink, the 24-ounce “Venti Iced,” according to Starbucks. The tallest hot drink is the 20-ounce “Venti.”

Based on the infographic below, the questions really is, how much liquid can our poor stomachs endure? (Thanks for the tip Don)

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