Locke & Key: The Golden Age Hardcover By Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

The beloved graphic novel series turned Netflix hit continues! Take a trip through the past and unlock moments from Keyhouse’s long history that expand the saga of the Locke family in this collection of stories including the crossover with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe!

For two hundred years the Locke family has watched over Keyhouse, a New England mansion where reality has come unhinged and shadows have been known to walk on their own. Here they have guarded a collection of impossible keys, instruments capable of unlocking both unparalleled wonder and unimaginable evil. 

Take a glimpse into the lives of the Locke family ancestors as they use the keys to fight battles big and small. From a giant spider inside Keyhouse to the killing fields of Europe during WWI and the depths of Hell, the Lockes are in a constant struggle to keep the darker aspects of the world at bay.

Locke & Key: The Golden Age hardcover by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez collects the three short stories, “Small World,” “Face the Music,” and “Open the Moon,” along with …In Pale Battalions Go… and the Sandman crossover Hell & Gone.

Pre-order HERE. The book will be released on November 2, 2021.

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