American Girl’s 2024 Girl of The Year Is Lila Monetti

American Girl unveiled its 2024 Girl of the Year, Lila Monetti. Lila joins the brand’s long line of contemporary characters that represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests to reflect what it means to be an American girl today. Growing up in the Twin Cities, MN, ten-year-old Lila is a skilled athlete who’s learning how to take on new challenges, including moving up to a competitive gymnastics team, balancing her friendships, and exploring new hobbies. During her first visit to a nearby riding camp, Lila befriends their newest horse, a Palomino named Hollyhock, and discovers new ways to build her skills and confidence at the gym, while also helping Hollyhock find her footing at the stable.

American Girl worked with bestselling author Erin Falligant to create Lila’s story, which is told in both an illustrated journal that comes with the doll, as well as a separate full-length novel, Lila Goes for Gold, that hits bookshelves in January 2024.

The 2024 Girl of the Year comes to life in a beautiful 18-inch Lila doll, featuring an exclusive look with amber eyes and caramel-colored hair styled in two half ponytails. Adorned in plenty of sparkle and shine, the Lila doll comes dressed in a glittery pink tank and track pants, plus colorful sandals, bracelets, and hairbands that perfectly match her accessories—like a cool crossbody bag, frameless sunglasses, and colorful hair accessories with styling tips.

To play out her love of horseback riding, Lila’s product world includes her four-legged friend Hollyhock— a Palomino with a detailed saddle and bridle and numerous accessories to style her extra-long mane. There’s also a 20-piece Honeycrisp Hill Horse Stable, with grooming stall and washing station, as well as an adorable plush of the camp’s energetic corgi, Mighty Mae.

For gymnastics fans, the new collection also features several realistic accessories, such as a doll-sized balance beam, uneven bars, and gym gear to bring the full experience to life. In addition, American Girl partnered with GK Elite, the world’s leading brand of gymnastics apparel for over 40 years, to create Lila’s on-trend practice and competition outfits, both featuring the authentic GK Elite logo. The company also created two Lila-inspired leotards for girls that match the doll-sized version, available exclusively at both and

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