Gallery 1988 Announces Joey Spiotto’s First Gallery Show Opening On August 1, 2014


Gallery1988 announces “Storybook: a little gallery show,” the debut solo show from artist Joey Spiotto. Joey is a regular and favorite from G1988’s themed group shows, and now he will take center stage with almost 50 new limited edition prints, making your favorite movies, TV shows, musicians and video games into classic children’s book covers.

Each one is smarter and wittier than the next, and seeing the massive amount of work together as an exhibit is incredible. The show opens this Friday, August 1st, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (East). Joey will be in attendance. The runs of these editions all vary, and some are incredibly low and the gallery expects some to sell out fast. This show runs through August 16th and all remaining work after the opening reception will be online the next day at



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Joey-Spiotto-Breaking-Bad-550x687 Joey-Spiotto-Clockwork-Orange-550x687 Joey-Spiotto-Dredd-550x687 Joey-Spiotto-Friday-The-13th-550x687 Joey-Spiotto-Godzilla Joey-Spiotto-Lost1 Joey-Spiotto-Pulp-Fiction Joey-Spiotto-X-Files


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