The Band Eye Test

The Sound & Vision Eye Chart is made up of 36 letters pulled from classic band logos & album covers – you know, the ones you used to draw on your pencil cases at school. So, with it spanning decades, genres and alphabet systems – how many can you get? You can purchase the posterContinue reading “The Band Eye Test”

Bill Backs

Most other nations of the world use different colors and sizes of bills in order to distinguish the values of their paper money. By comparison, it can be difficult to tell a $5 from a $50 bill at a passing glance. Granted, the new designs and color shades adopted by the U.S. Treasury have helped a bit in this regard.Continue reading “Bill Backs”

Elton Vs. Billy Quiz

Billy Joel and Elton John were born and raised on different sides of the Atlantic, but have had eerily similar careers. Both broke onto the scene around 1970 as piano balladeers and both became huge stars after expanding their sound for rock radio.   Can you identify which of these clips of hit songs areContinue reading “Elton Vs. Billy Quiz”

Spelling Test

The 25 Most Commonly Misspelled Words is a list that has circulated among American businesses for decades. Two words have variant spellings for companies using British English spelling. Those two words have been repeated in the list of 25 words (making 27 items) asking for the British spelling. Business writers can avoid the problem ofContinue reading “Spelling Test”

Take The Guinness World Records 2009 Pop-Culture Quiz

In honor of the recent release of the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records here are some fun pop culture questions for you:   1. First film to feature an entirely computer-generated character. 2. Most lucrative filmmaking partnership between an actor and director. 3. First U.S. female to write or co-write every track on aContinue reading “Take The Guinness World Records 2009 Pop-Culture Quiz”

The George Costanza Candy Identification Quiz

As Seinfeld taught us, some men will stop at nothing to stake their claim to a Twix bar that’s rightfully theirs. While George Costanza was unable to fool anyone with his all-Twix candy bar lineup at David Puddy’s car dealership, maybe you’ll have better luck identifying your favorite unwrapped confections HERE.  

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