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Expert Tips And Tricks For Learning A New Instrument

Playing an instrument is such a challenging but fun hobby. It gives you an opportunity to learn something new, to be super creative, and to improve your hand-eye coordination skills. People who regularly play a musical instrument have been proven to perform better mentally, score higher in IQ tests, and to be less anxious and stressed out.

There are so many musical instruments around the world which can make choosing which instrument to learn a little difficult. While all instruments are wonderful and should never be dismissed, different people love playing different instruments. It is really exciting choosing an instrument to learn, and you will probably end up playing more than one once you really get into playing music.

To help everyone who is starting out on a musical journey, here are our expert tips and tricks for learning a new instrument.

1. Choose Your New Musical Instrument

There is such a huge variety of instruments from all around the world, and all of them are so much fun to play. It can be very hard to decide what to play as there are so many choices, so try to think about the kind of music which you usually like to listen to. If you are into rock, for example, then the drums or electric guitar may be the best choice of instrument for you. On the other hand, if you are a lover of Beethoven, Mozart, and all the other classical composers, you may want to choose an orchestral instrument. There are so many sections in the orchestra from strings to woodwind, so you will be sure to find an instrument that you love.

2. Pick a Learning Method Which Suits Your Learning Style

Learning a new musical instrument can be very difficult, and we all have different learning styles that benefit us the most. Picking the right learning method to suit your style will ensure that you make the best possible progress. Everyone has seen the amazing videos of child prodigies on YouTube who have become musical masters after just a few months of playing, but for the majority of people, becoming a great instrumentalist takes time and dedication. The experts at the explain that some people learn best by teaching themselves a new instrument while others progress better with formal lessons. There is no wrong way and for many people, a combination of both is usually the most beneficial. 

3. Practice Whenever You Can

In order to become proficient at anything, the single most important thing you need to do is practice. First, spend some time getting to know your instrument and experiment with the different sounds you can create. For great musicians, their instrument becomes like a part of their body, so try to really accustom yourself to holding and playing your instrument when you first start out. It is so important that you develop solid practice habits as these will be the foundations on which to build your skills. When you first begin learning a new instrument, you should aim to practice whenever you can. Make time every day for planned practice during which you focus on a specific skill or piece of music, and also make sure you give yourself time to have a little freestyle. Learning an instrument can be mentally and emotionally tiring, so this play time is vital to ensure that you enjoy the learning process and that it doesn’t become a chore.

4. Play With Other People

There is nothing quite like a group lesson or a jam session to really take the enjoyment of playing an instrument to another level. If you are learning the drums or electric guitar, reach out to other people and try to make a band or a more informal jam group. This is a great way to pick up tips and tricks from more experienced players and to bring a whole new twist to your playing. If you are learning a traditional orchestral instrument, see if there are any local orchestras that are looking for musicians. Most local orchestras are always on the lookout for new players, and as long as you know the basics, they will be happy to bring you onboard and help you to develop.

Learning a new musical instrument is so enjoyable and can also enable you to gain new skills that are transferable to other parts of your life. Every instrument has so many fantastic qualities so whatever you choose is sure to be a lot of fun. It is so important that you choose the right learning method and that you are dedicated to your practice if you really want to make progress. Follow the tips in this guide, and you will see a big difference in your playing in no time at all.


What You Should Know About String Instruments

String instruments, also known as chordophones produce a sound when the strings are played in some way. They can be played by using a bow to rub the strings or using fingers to pluck on the strings.

Some performers like to use a plectrum instead of fingers. It is a flat tool used to strum or pluck stringed instruments. The guitar, violin, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, harp, double bass, and electric bass are some of the most common string instruments. String instruments can be classified according to their:

  • Playing techniques
  • Construction

Playing Techniques

String instruments produce sound when the strings vibrate. Read more about how they function before buying one. They can be categorized by the technique used to create vibrations on the strings. The common techniques are:

  • Bowing

This method is used in instruments such as the violin, cello, double bass, and viola.

The bow is made up of a stick containing many hairs that are stretched between its ends. When an instrument’s string is bowed, it causes a phenomenon known as stick-slip to occur. It is a jerking motion that happens when two objects slide over each other.

  • Plucking

This is the only method of playing the guitar, harp, mandolin, lute, and sitar.  A plectrum, thumb, or finger is used to pluck the strings of the instruments and produce sound.

  • Striking

In this method, players strike the string to cause vibrations that produce sound. Those who play instruments in the violin family may use the side of the bow to strike the string in a technique known as col legno. It creates both pitch and sound.

How They Are Constructed

  • Lutes

These are instruments where the neck and the bout support the strings. At the end of the neck, the strings of the lute are attached to pegs which have a turning mechanism that enables a player to tighten or loosen the tension on strings. It can lower or raise the pitch of a specific string. Examples of such instruments include guitars, saz, and violins.

  • Zithers

With these instruments, the strings are placed on the top of the body. They are played by plucking the strings using fingers or a plectrum.  Zithers, however, do not have a separate neck assembly like guitars and lutes. Instruments under this category include the cimbalom, autoharp, and piano.

  • Harps

The strings in harps are inside a frame. Different-sized strings are running at different angles within the frame. The strings are plucked using fingers.

Different types of harps use different types of materials for the string. They may be made from metal, nylon, catgut, or a combination of the materials. All harps have a resonator, neck, and strings. At their long end, triangular harps have a pillar to support the string.

 In an orchestra, string instruments are the largest family of instruments. They come in four sizes with the double bass being the biggest and violin being the smallest. There is also the cello and the viola.

 The double bass and the cello produce sounds that are low and rich while the viola and the violin produce high-pitched sounds.

Interesting Facts About Instruments In The String Family

  • More than 70 types of wood are used to make the modern violin
  • There are seven main violin sizes because it is common for string players to start playing at a young age. Violins are, therefore, scaled down to suit the needs of different players.
  • If you have an antique violin, you may need to have a longer neck grafted on it. Grafting will improve the stability of the instrument
  • String instruments are resistant to variations in temperature but not to sudden shifts in humidity.
  • The traditional spiral of the scroll in the violin occurs in nature such as in a flower, hurricane, a sea shell, and the human ear.
  • The most expensive violin is valued at about 18 million dollars.
  •  The modern design of the violin was first designed in the 16th century.
  • All string instruments fall in the violin family except the Bass

In conclusion, string instruments are some of the most interesting instruments to play. They are the biggest family in the orchestra. String instruments are great for both kids and adults. There are many options to try out but the violin is the most popular one.

Whether you are an aspiring player or simply looking for a new hobby, there is no right or wrong string instrument. Try out a few options and settle for whichever you like best.


How Music Industry Lawyers Help Their Clients

The music industry can be an excellent specialization choice for newly minted entertainment attorneys seeking diversity in their workday. Aside from handling a wide range of technical legal issues, these professionals provide their clients with valuable advice and advocacy that can profoundly impact their music careers.

Rising Artist Advocate

Musicians starting to achieve success may be inclined to rush into contracts without realizing how these agreements might impact their music creation or ownership. A music career lawyer can predict and prevent circumstances that might infringe upon a musician’s rights by reviewing contracts for red flags, negotiating licensing and royalty agreements and the terms for others to use materials under copyright and trademark. An entertainment lawyer specializing in the music industry can also benefit music bands and groups by offering insights and providing legal assistance to minimize disputes and prevent interest conflicts.

Seasoned Artist And Estate Advocate

Knowledgeable entertainment lawyers may receive retainers to handle a wide range of services for well-established, successful musicians. Prolific or prominent musicians may require assistance negotiating fees for product endorsements and licenses, music catalog publishing, tours and performances, digital music rights and music usage for movies and commercials. 

At times, a prominent musician’s heirs may retain a music industry lawyer to broker a significant deal on behalf of an estate. For example, Mary Rodgers Guettel and Alice Hammerstein Mathias turned to music industry legal titan John Branca to negotiate the terms to sell Dutch media management company, Imagem Music Group, the Rogers & Hammerstein Organization’s catalog of their fathers’ beloved songs. 

Provide Management Services For Their Clients 

Music lawyers with substantial industry knowledge and relationships can impact clients’ careers by recommending team members, including managers and publicists, and handling contracts and negotiations for their services. A highly experienced legal professional, such as attorney John Branca, can also assume a management role by offering impactful career advice. Branca’s suggestions for creating Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking “Thriller” video legitimized the music video as an art form and sealed Jackson’s fate as “the king of pop.”

Help Establish Business Entities

As fewer musicians receive backing from cash-strapped record labels, many artists find success self-releasing their work with music distributors’ assistance. A music attorney can ensure that musicians follow the appropriate procedures to prevent legal conflicts, including obtaining original work copyrights, registering trademarks, obtaining necessary permissions to release versions of other artists’ work, and creating distribution contracts. 

Lawyers who specialize in the music industry wear many hats that make them invaluable assets to musician clients at all career levels. 


How To Make It Big In The Music Industry

You’ve always had a knack for singing and you enjoy it. People have told you that you should try to do something with your talents, but you’re not sure if you’re good enough to make it in the music industry.

We’re here to tell you that you do have what it takes.  Even if a large record label won’t pick you up, you can promote yourself as an independent artist.

You’ve got to treat your career like a business. It takes a heavy amount of marketing and investment to gain attention. Check out this career guide to learn how to get started.

Independent Or Big Record Label 

The first thing you’ve got to decide when looking at careers in the music industry is rather or not you want to go with a big record label. We will tell you that certain genres find more success going the independent route than others.

For example, it will be hard for you to make it on your own if you want to go the pop route. You can still do it. You just might find it more difficult.

It’s all about knowing what’s popular. To see what’s hot right now, check out these pop beats.

Invest In Your Craft

Even if you sing like an angel, you can always improve. Practice makes perfect, after all. Talk to a talent coach.

They’ll listen to you sing and tell you how you can polish your voice. Once you make it big, you’ll be performing on stage left and right. It’s a good idea to go ahead and get experience doing this by booking all the live events you can while you’re still a newbie.

Treat It Like A Business

The music industry is supposed to be fun. You don’t want to think about it as work. The thing is, it is work.

You’ll have to treat it like your own business if you want to see any success. It will take years before you start seeing a lot of money. The same can be said if you’re trying to open a card shop or restaurant.

You can’t give up because you’re not gaining anything right away. Keep at it and you will be rewarded. Take small jobs to make money and fund your career.

Market Yourself 

It will be hard for you to gather a following if nobody knows about you. The easiest way to do this is with social media. Post pictures of yourself performing.

Don’t forget to interact with those who comment and get yourself on Spotify. All it takes is for one person to add one of your songs to their playlist for you to get a list of loyal listeners.

Breaking Into The Music Industry 

Breaking into the music industry isn’t as easy as it looks. You can record music and post it on Spotify, but if nobody knows about you, it won’t matter.

Music is a business. You’ve got to treat it that way and market yourself if you want to see any success. For more ways to get make it big as a musical artist, check out our blog.


Rock Camp The Movie Trailer

Summer camp meets Spinal Tap as we journey to Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, where dreamers from across America and around the world gather to shred with their heroes – and learn to rock like the legends. 

From filmmaker Doug Blush, whose editing and producing credits include three Oscar-Winning Films: 20 Feet From Stardom, Period. End of Sentence, and Icarus. Rock Camp The Movie follows four campers (and their families) through their journeys to shred with their heroes and see how they overcome their fears and transform their lives.

In Theaters and Virtual Cinemas starting January 15, 2021. On Demand everywhere starting February 16, 2021.

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Watch A Sneak Peek From Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back

Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson has released an exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” for fans everywhere to enjoy.

“The Beatles: Get Back” is a unique cinematic experience that takes audiences back in time to The Beatles’ intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history. The film showcases the warmth, camaraderie and creative genius that defined the legacy of the iconic foursome. Shot in January 1969 and compiled from over 60 hours of unseen footage (filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg) and more than 150 hours of unheard audio, all of which has been brilliantly restored, “The Beatles: Get Back” is the story of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr as they plan their first live show in over two years and charts the writing and rehearsing of 14 new songs, originally intended for release on an accompanying live album. The film features – for the first time in its entirety – The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be.

An exciting new collaboration between The Beatles and three-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “They Shall Not Grow Old”) presented by The Walt Disney Studios in association with Apple Corps Ltd. and WingNut Films Productions Ltd., “The Beatles: Get Back” is directed by Jackson, produced by Jackson, Clare Olssen (“They Shall Not Grow Old”) and Jonathan Clyde (“Eight Days A Week”), with Ken Kamins (“The Hobbit” trilogy) and Apple Corps’ Jeff Jones (“Eight Days A Week”) serving as executive producers. Jabez Olssen (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) serves as the film’s editor, and the music is mixed by Giles Martin (“Rocketman”) and Sam Okell (“Yesterday”). 

“The Beatles: Get Back” will open on August 27, 2021.

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Watch Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry Trailer

Today Apple TV+ unveiled the trailer for the new documentary film, “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry.” The film will be released in theaters by NEON and premiere globally on Apple TV+ February 26, 2021.

“Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry” tells the true coming-of-age story of the singer-songwriter and her rise to global superstardom. From award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler, the documentary offers a deeply intimate look at this extraordinary teenager’s journey, at just 17 years old, navigating life on the road, on stage, and at home with her family, while writing, recording and releasing her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep,Where Do We Go?”

The documentary film, featuring Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, is from Apple Original Films, in association with Interscope Films, The Darkroom, This Machine and Lighthouse Management & Media.

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Oreo To Release Lady Gaga-Themed Cookies

Nabisco is teaming up with pop superstar Lady Gaga to release pink-colored, vanilla-flavored Oreo cookies with creamy green filling. The colorful treats will be available in six-packs starting in January, and full-size packs later on. 

The cookies feature design flourishes inspired by Gaga’s sixth album, Chromatica, which dropped in May.

The ad campaign also boasts a “Sing It With Oreo” contest, running Dec. 15 through the end of April, inviting fans to scan QR codes and record “messages of kindness.” These “Oreograms,” as they’re called, will be instantly turned into songs for sharing with friends and family. Prizes include a trip to one of Gaga’s concerts, pandemic permitting, and a chance to chill with the star.

“Over the last few years, music has become a key element of our purpose to spread more joy and playfulness in the world through partnerships and entertainment properties alike,” says Oreo senior director Justin Parnell. “We cannot wait to unleash her world of Chromatica on our Oreo cookie and encourage fans to spread musical messages of kindness to create a brighter and more connected country.”

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How To Enjoy Music Concerts During A Pandemic 

Music is something a large majority of humans enjoy, from songs that take you back to a single memory to background music that allows you to concentrate on your work or studies. Despite being able to stream music through several widely available streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, there’s nothing quite like going to a live gig to experience your favorite artist rocking out to a crowd of thousands. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, these live shows quickly faded out to ensure the safety of yourself and others by practicing social distancing (something that’s very difficult to do whilst jumping around a music venue filled with thousands of people).

Fear not, concerts aren’t over. There just needs to be a modern, out-the-box, progressive look at how we can still enjoy live music whilst staying safe. Here we explore the options open to you if you can’t wait for your favorite venue to open back up.

Look At Your Local Covid Rates 

Let’s start with something simple. Covid is affecting every country differently which means you may well be in a place that will allow you to still visit a music venue. All this means is you’ll have to be quick on the draw with ticket sales. The ticket gurus over at explain the easiest way to ensure you grab the tickets you want and see your favorite show is to be first in line when the tickets are released. Set reminders on your phone, join the mailing list or have the ticket website loaded in your browser at all times to guarantee you’re there, ready and waiting, for those all-important tickets to be released.

At this time, it’s important to remember to stay safe. If you aren’t comfortable going to a show with others just yet then hold on until you are. Keep your hands clean and stay socially distanced. Pack some added extras to your gig bag like hand sanitizer, anti-bac wipes, or even your soap for when you pop to the toilet.

Find A Show Online

There are plenty of bands, solo artists, DJs, groups, rappers, and orchestras that are chomping at the bit to get out there and play live music for their fans. The pandemic has affected us all in some way, and these musicians have had their main source of income taken away from them. Online shows are a brilliant way for those musicians to show their fans they are still there, still keen, and still want to play their hard-worked tunes. Some may decide to ask for a small donation to help them get through the tough times and others may decide to put on a free show. A band that decided to put on a virtual world tour throughout the lockdown is New Hope Club, a Pop trio from the UK. The young band put on 20 shows across the globe to a sell-out crowd.

Look up your favorite musicians and see if they’re putting together anything similar. There are plenty of other live-streamed shows being advertised including classical shows and music for kids, so you never know, you could be at an online venue sooner than you think.

Socially Distanced Concerts 

At the time of writing this, certain countries are heading into a tiered lockdown system. Simply put, this means there are different levels of restrictions in place based on where you live. If you’re in a high-risk area of the world then the chances are socially distanced concerts aren’t going to be a possibility for you. However, if you are in a low-risk area then local and major music venues might be allowing people in for shows at a limited capacity. In the UK for example, music venues that have been placed in tier 2 are allowed up to 1000 people (depending on venue size) to enjoy a show.

For these concerts to work everyone that is in attendance must remain socially distanced and adhere to the rules given upon arrival. If you’re a true music lover then you’ll do anything to hear a twang of the guitar or vocals of a pro.

Covid-19 has been a difficult time for everyone. There isn’t an industry, person, or company that hasn’t felt some sort of effect or backlash from it. Rallying together and following the rules is the best way we can beat this virus. Then and only then are we going to be able to enjoy live music once more? These three examples are pretty much the only way we are going to be enjoying live music for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean music is dead. Stay safe, and support your favorite musicians. 


7 Effective Tips To Get More Spotify Plays

Spotify has become the go-to platform for up-and-coming artists the world over. In this article, we will hope to tell you seven effective tips for you to increase your presence on Spotify and get more plays on your videos. Spotify has become the first step, for many, into the music industry and is a great way to develop as an artist and establish yourself. If you are an eager, up-and-coming artist, then Spotify is the platform for you.

Let’s get straight into it. Here are seven effective tips for getting more plays on Spotify.

Become Verified

Becoming verified on Spotify is quite straightforward and gives you more of a professional appearance. It is so simple, in fact, that according to the streaming experts of, you need only invite members of your team onto your artists’ webpage [which also has other benefits]. Once verified, you will have a blue tick next to your name, which will give you a more professional appearance to your fans and will allow you to appear like more of an accomplished musician. Becoming verified gives you a lot of power over your fans and makes you appear accomplished and superior to other artists.

Playlist Curators

If you want to get more Spotify plays, you need to begin submitting your work to playlist curators. There are many popular playlist curators, and many of them will receive upwards of a thousand submissions a day. Because of this, you need to stand out. Your music has to be superior to that of those who are competing with you. This means you must work inwardly and improve your music and its production. If you can manage to do this, you should have no problem having your music incorporated into playlists by renowned curators, which will then allow you to get many plays.

Build Your Own Playlist

Or, instead of submitting your work to other playlist curators, create your own. Be sure to include very popular music on your playlist so that it is found by Spotify users who would otherwise not find it. Inserting your own music into this will enable you to be discovered unintentionally by Spotify users simply wanting to listen to their favorite music. Providing your music is good, you should have no problem drawing them to you and turning them into your own fans. Do not overload the playlist with your music, however, for it may be an initial deterrent to somebody finding it.

Musical Blogs

Blogs written by musicians or fans of music will be a great way for you to establish your presence on Spotify and get more plays. You should be able to strike an arrangement with musical content creators to include you on their blog and mention you for money. This is called sponsorship. They will market your business and advertise you, working as a poster boy for your music almost, until you receive the attention that you want. You must perfect your music before doing this.

Supporting Artists and Their Work

Another way to build a name for yourself on Spotify is among other artists. By supporting the work of other artists, they will, in turn, support yours. This will enable you to build your fanbase from theirs, and they yours. Exchanging fans is a great way to build up your fanbase and forge relationships and bonds in the musical content creating industry. You can also collaborate with other artists, which will give you a platform on their profiles, and they yours. Supporting artists is one of the most effective and tried and tested ways of establishing yourself on Spotify.

Promote Yourself to Labels

Promoting your work to music labels, while not easy, is a viable method of establishing yourself on Spotify and elsewhere. Labels will only take on musicians who they think they can make successful. You must not become disheartened when applying to labels, for you will be ignored, turned down, and criticized. But, eventually, if you are determined enough and have the talent, you will receive the recognition that you are due. Promoting yourself to labels is not easy and requires confidence, but when done diligently, it will pay off.


Establishing a fanbase on Spotify and getting plays requires patience. Rome was not, as the saying goes, built in a day. With time, you will acquire fans and respect. You must be patient, however, and persevere. If you apply yourself, there is nothing that you cannot do. If you can dream it, you can do it.

With the help of this page, you now know how you can get more fans and plays on Spotify. Spotify has become one of the, if not the most, popular streaming platforms in the world. With this page, you can monopolize on that popularity and become a renowned artist.

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