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Card Counting Techniques

Card counting has been practised for many years, with the first successful method created by Edward Thorp in 1962. After Thorp created an initial way to count cards, he created a path for others to follow with their techniques. Card counting is used in the game of Blackjack also known as Twenty-One, by card counting you can mathematically figure out when to raise or lower your bets in order to win more money – making your day at the casino much more successful.

Card counting has been portrayed in many different books and films, such as 21 where we see the MIT Blackjack Team take on the casinos – which is based on a true story. You’ll find many stories of different Blackjack teams beating the casinos; naturally, the casinos had to change a few things to keep the odds in their favour. But how are card counters doing it? What methods do they use? Here you’ll find out the many different techniques used in card counting. 

Basic Strategy

One of the most basic strategies is known by many different names. The High-Lo technique is its most common name. The strategy is fairly simple, it doesn’t require much skill, you just need to remember a rolling number total and consider it before making a bet. 

It’s really simple to grasp the concept of counting cards using this method, each card is assigned into a value group, for example; cards from 2-6 are worth +1, the cards 7 8 and 9 are worth 0, and the cards 10, 11, J Q K and A are worth -1 point. After each card that is dealt you need to add or subtract the value of the card to your rolling number (which starts on 0). After a few rounds, your number will become more factual and you can start betting depending on its value. If your number is high, the chances of you receiving a high card are high – meaning your chances of getting a Blackjack are increased, the lower the number, the lower your chances – it’s as simple as that!

The best time to start placing bets using this strategy is after you have counted a few rounds. This is because your number will become more accurate the further down deck you go, although the number is a pretty good predictor from the start. Although you may not know what card is coming out of the deck next, having a rough idea of the value can massively increase your chance of winning. Why not employ basic strategy if you enjoy casino live?

The True Count

By using the same methods spoken about previously, you can advance these into the technique known as a True Count. A game of Blackjack is typically played with multiple decks, the lowest amount of decks is two while the highest is eight, although six is most common – each deck contains the standard 52 playing cards.

True counting involves guessing how many decks are left in the dealer’s deck as well as keeping a running count number which we mentioned in basic strategy. This can be slightly trickier but is much more accurate. If you play regularly with several decks then you’ll find it easier to determine how many are left. Using the running count method here is an example: your current running count is at +9, your chances are very high, but there are still roughly three decks in the dealer’s deck which dilutes your chances. Take your running total number of +9 and divide it by the number of decks left, in this case, three, your true count number is now +3. A true count will be more accurate the further you get down the dealer’s deck because the number of each card is concentrated. You may have turned over five 3s in a row, improving your chances, but in six decks, there would still be another 19 more to reveal!

Back-Counting or ‘Wonging’

The term ‘Wonging’ originally comes from the famous card counter, Stanford Wong. Whereby a player will create their running number total before taking a seat, by standing over the table and not sitting, you can wait for the best moment to join the table at a time where your chances are high. A great advantage to have although some casinos don’t let you join or leave throughout a deck. The disadvantage of doing this could be that it will raise suspicion of casino staff members and they could brand you as a card counter which could see you being removed from the casino floor.

Although the films and media portray card counting as a ‘genius brains only’ area, it’s clear that anybody can card count in its simplest forms. Of course, some people can specifically remember what card came after the last, but for six whole decks, the probability of ever being that person is very low. If you’re going to card count, at least make it easier for yourself so you can also focus on having a good time!


Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Thought of Everything Including This Cool Gift Card

Every detail was painstakingly considered when opening the expansive new Star War’s: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland including the design of their gift card.

No paper or plastic gift card would do, instead the theme park opted for hexagonal metal in the form of Batuuan Spira, the ancient currency of the Black Spire Outpost.

The minimum amount that can be loaded on the chip on the card is $100. From dining, shopping and beyond, the unique gift card/souvenir can be used at Disney destinations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Available for purchase at the Droid Depot.

Image LINK

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Behold…The Limited Edition Collector’s Series $300 Disney Gift Card Honoring 90 Years of Mickey Mouse

Justin Hamana, Graphic Designer with Walt Disney Imagineering, developed the concept of a crystal-encrusted Disney Gift Card to honor Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary. Specialists from Swarovski in Austria developed a brand-new way to adhere crystals to the entire face of the card, something that had never been done before. 

All 5,000 cards are made with a metal core, encased in a protective plastic, and encrusted with over 2,500 premium Swarovski crystals.The custom box is almost as stunning as the card itself. Ready for display, the magnetic-closure box is the first to carry the Disney Gift Card Collector’s Series insignia and includes a vellum certificate describing the grandeur of the card.

If you find yourself at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, you can take one of these limited-edition cards home for yourself. For $300, you receive one of the only 5,000 premium gift cards produced, nestled in a box ready for display, loaded with $90 redeemable for practically all things Disney — from Theme Park tickets, resort stays, Disney vacations and dining, and all the Mickey merchandise you could imagine at Disney locations across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The Disney Gift Card Collector’s Series will be available for purchase starting December 4, 2018 at the locations below (while supplies last.)

Walt Disney World Resort

– Magic Kingdom Park
– Main Street Cinema
– Epcot
– The Art of Disney
– Disney Springs
– The Art of Disney
– Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories

Disneyland Resort

– Disneyland Park
– Disneyana
– Disney California Adventure Park
– Off the Page
– Downtown Disney District
– WonderGround Gallery

If you do get your hands on an inaugural card in our Disney Gift Card Collector’s Series, know that it can be redeemed for practically all things Disney by scanning the barcode on the back. There is no magnetic strip, so your card will never be swiped.

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From All of Us To You: The Disney Christmas Card 

For nearly nine decades, Disney artists have created annual seasonal art for greeting cards, advertisements, and in support of motion picture releases, TV programs, and the parks. 

Featuring beloved Disney characters and scenes, these seldom-published examples of vintage Disney art create a one-of-a-kind and festive collection perfect for holiday gift-giving. The book includes a center gatefold cover opening, like Maps of the Disney Parks, and a dozen removable holiday cards, exclusively-designed as a unique bonus feature to showcase both rare and original Disney art, artifacts, and treasures from the Walt Disney Archives!

You can purchase the 144 page book HERE.

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Gallery 1988 Announces Cuyler Smith’s Trading Cards 3 Art Show Opening On May 18, 2018

One of Gallery 1988’s most highly anticipated shows of the year opens tomorrow night (May 18, 2018) from 7-9 PM at G1988. It’s the return of Cuyler Smith’s Trading Cards show! The collection of new actual cards for this third annual exhibit is better than ever. As these limited edition cards mostly sell out, the gallery is encouraging collectors to attend the opening reception.

Cuyler will be in attendance to unveil his new cards paying tribute to fictitious pop culture athletes, and selling a limited edition pack – with a special card only available in this format – and if you buy the whole series.

Join Gallery 1988 from 7-9 PM at 7308 Melrose for your first chance to pick up work and meet the artist. The remaining cards will go online the Saturday afternoon at

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Comixology Distributing Comic Book All-Stars Trading Cards At San Diego Comic Con

Comixology will be distributing “Comic Book All-Stars” trading cards at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

The cards will be available both at Comixology’s own Comic Con booth and at the 10 panels they’ll be hosting throughout the convention. Each card is emblazoned with the visage of a different comic creator, from Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson to Hellboycreator Mike Mignola to The Walking Dead mastermind Robert Kirkman.

“These collectible trading cards are a fun way to pay tribute to the amazing writers and artists whose creativity inspires and excites us all,” Comixology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger shared in a statement. “Whether you love superheroes, indies, graphic novels, all-ages adventures, manga, or all of the above like me, there’s never been a better time to discover new comics – and fall in love with the creators.”

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Beatles Pop Up Cards

Check out these cool Beatles Pop Up Cards featuring Abbey Road and Yellow Submarine.

The black cover of The Beatles Abbey Road pop-up card features a laser-cut illustration of the band’s iconic logo. Once opened the Beatles themselves emerge. George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon walking outside of their studio in single formation on Abbey Road. Instantly recognizable, each pop-up member of the Beatles has authentic design elements and details as unique as their personal style.

The cover of the Beatles Yellow Submarine card features a hint of the incredible 3D pop up that awaits. Open the card, and a Yellow Submarine emerges from the center. Colorful and detailed, the Beatles Yellow Submarine pop up is a throwback to the height of Beatlemania.

These designs were created in partnership with The Beatles and is one of two officially licensed designs.

The Beatles Abbey Road Pop Up Card, Order HERE for $15

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Pop Up Card, Order HERE for $15

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Topps Company Releases Star Wars: Card Trader, A Digital Trading Card App


The Topps Company, Inc. released Star Wars: Card Trader this week, a digital trading card app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Available for free in the iOS store, the innovative app is a landmark in the history of Star Wars collecting, bringing the tradition of collecting and trading Star Wars cards into the digital era.

star-wars-card-reader-2-1536x864-110816649487 star-wars-card-reader-1024x649

“In the same way that digital media is transforming reading books, listening to music and watching television, Card Trader is revolutionizing Star Wars collecting,” said Michael Bramlage, vice president of Digital at Topps. “Your favorite characters, vehicles, and locations from the Star Wars universe can be collected and traded on your iOS device, from anywhere at any time.”

Star Wars: Card Trader launches with retro-inspired cards of known new from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, trading functionality (including friend lists and trader ratings), and classic re-releases that present vintage cards in beautiful high-definition.

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Clever Business Cards


Couples Therapist



The headquarters of advertising agency Clark&Kent is located in a New York City phone booth. To help people remember, they have created business cards that pop-out to look like a tiny phone booth.

For other creative business cards, please go to Clever Business Cards, Part II Clever Business Cards, Part III and Clever Business Cards, Part IV.

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This Holiday Season, Starbucks Is Giving The Ultimate Gift To 10 Lucky Customers: Starbucks for Life


With the holiday shopping season in full swing, Starbucks is offering customers the chance to gift themselves the ultimate prize – Starbucks for Life.

From now through Jan. 5, 2015, customers who pay using a Starbucks Card or their Starbucks mobile app, can enter the Starbucks It’s a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway for a chance to win one of 482,000 instant prizes, and 10 customers in the U.S. will win the ultimate prize of Starbucks for Life, which is one free food or beverage item from participating stores every day for the next 30 years.


“Starbucks for Life is truly the ultimate gift of the season, and we are thrilled to make that a reality for a special group of Starbucks customers. And, the prizes will keep coming throughout the holiday season with more than 482,000 instant winners,” said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks global chief marketing officer.

By swiping a Starbucks Card or paying with a mobile device, customers will receive a receipt with a unique sweepstakes code that can be entered online at for a chance to win instant prizes, including free holiday beverages and treats, or the grand prize, the Ultimate Starbucks Card, which provides the winners with Starbucks for Life, an estimated value of $54,000 U.S.


With only 14 made, the Ultimate Starbucks Card not only provides customers Starbucks for Life, but also a piece of Starbucks history. With an estimated retail value of $5,000, the card is made of 10K hammered gold, and will be engraved with the winner’s name. A total of 10 Ultimate Starbucks Cards will be available to win in the U.S., three in Canada, and one in the U.K., making it the most exclusive Starbucks Card ever made.

Click HERE for more information.

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