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Accelerate Into The Adrenaline-Fuelled World of Endurance Racing With The Lego Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF CORSE #51”

Today, the LEGO Group reveal the latest model to line up on the grid, the LEGO Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF CORSE #51”. Having delivered prestigious wins for the Prancing Horse in the world’s toughest endurance races, the racetrack icon is replicated in minute detail to encapsulate the same unmistakeable Italian spirit as its real-life counterpart.

This racing car model is packed with authentic features and beautiful design elements making it a true expression of Ferrari’s endurance racer. The fierce looking model features front and rear suspension, aerodynamic curves, a V8 engine with moving pistons and a steering wheel emblazoned with the Prancing Horse badge to help the model truly come alive. Original race number, sponsor stickers and the authentic Tricolore paintjob add the perfect finish to this epic model. 


Designed to help LEGO fans and those who love motor racing experience the thrills of life in the fast lane, this 48cm (19 in) long racing model is crafted from 1,677 LEGO Technic elements making it a rewarding and absorbing build for older builders aged 18+ who love endurance racing, motorsport and Ferrari cars. Once complete, builders can take it out for a spin or proudly display it for spectators.

The LEGO Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” will be available from January 1st 2021 from, LEGO stores and other retailers globally, priced at $169.99.

The LEGO Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” is the first LEGO Technic model to be designed with Ferrari and continues the more than 15 year-long partnership between the two brands.  


– Immerse yourself in the exciting world of endurance racing, creating your own displayable LEGO® Technic™ model version of the iconic Ferrari 488 GTE racing car.

– Authentic features include front and back suspension, opening doors, a V8 engine with moving pistons and functioning steering wheel.

– With original race stickers and a faithful color scheme, the LEGO Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” (42125) will take pride of place in the home or office of any motorsport fan.

– Model measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 19 in. (48 cm) long and 8.5 in. (21 cm) wide.

– Easily explore all the details packed inside, thanks to the opening doors and hood.

– This set comes with a special building instruction book featuring exclusive content, including details about the car and the AF Corse 51 team.

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Tesla Tequila

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer has released an unexpected new product this month…

Tesla Tequila is billed as a premium 100% de agave Anejo tequila that matured in French oak barrels. Nosotros is the producer, and the spirit is packaged inside clear, lightning bolt-shaped bottles. 

The tequila sells for $250 per bottle and is expected to ship before the end of the year.


Warner Bros. Animation Announce Preschool Action-Adventure Comedy Series Batwheels In Production For Cartoon Network & HBO Max

Buckle up and put on your capes! Warner Bros. Animation is beginning production on Batwheels, a preschool animated action-adventure comedy series starring the most heroic and iconic vehicles from the DC universe. The upcoming series will air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

They are a team of incredible crimefighters who have banded together to oppose evil, combat crime and clean up the streets of Gotham City. They are…okay, they’re NOT Batman and Robin. They’re the Batwheels – an awesome group of sentient super-powered crime-fighting vehicles defending Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl and a host of DC Super Heroes.

Having just been created by the Batcomputer, our heroes are essentially kids with little to no life experience. Led by Bam (The Batmobile), the Batwheels – Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Red (The Redbird), Jett (The Batwing) and Buff (The Bat Truck) – must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid. This relatable and aspirational series will follow the journey of this dynamic team as they thrill and entertain with their heroic adventures as well as demonstrate to kids the value of self-confidence, friendship and teamwork.

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How To Sell A Damaged Car For The Most Money

Yes, it is possible to get cold hard cash for a damaged car. Read on to learn how to sell a damaged car for top dollar here.

Do you have a damaged car that you’re trying to get rid of?

Selling a car that’s in less than ideal shape, especially if you’re trying to get decent money for it. It can take weeks or even months to find a buyer if you’ve never done this before. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some advice.

Today, we’re going to tell you how to sell a damaged car without working too hard. Damage can come in many forms, some of which are relatively minor and easy for buyers to overlook, while others ruin the value of your car. Follow this guide and you’ll get cold hard cash for your old car that you can put towards something new.

Repair What You Can

Learning how to sell a damaged car starts with understanding what is worth fixing and what isn’t. The better the condition of the car when you go to sell, the more money you’ll be able to get, but you never want to invest in large-scale repairs just to turn around and sell the vehicle.

Instead, repair what you can to increase the value of the car and leave it at that. If you advertise the car as being in need of specific repairs, then you can have honest negotiations with interested buyers.

Get Ads Up Online

If you’re aiming at selling the car on your own, then you need to get some ads up online. Using your local listings site (Craigslist, Auto Trader, etc.) should give you the perfect platform so that people actually see the ad.

When making a car for sale ad, there are a couple of things that you should focus on. First, you need to have lots of detailed, high-quality photos of the car. Not only should they make the car look enticing, but they should zero in on the problem areas as well.

The other important thing is how you write the ad. Don’t refer to it as a “damaged car”, but highlight the positive aspects of it so that it sounds like a worthwhile investment. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t mention the damage, because it’s important also, to be honest with buyers.

One more thing to note is setting a realistic price. If you’re not sure what to sell the car for, then just do a bit of research on your own to find out what similar makes and models with similar damage typically go for. You don’t want to set it too high because it’ll turn off buyers, but you don’t want to set it too low and miss out on more money.

Junk Car Buyers

The easiest way to get rid of a damaged vehicle is by selling it to a company that specializes in junk cars. These companies are great because they’ll give you a quick estimate on your car, then they’ll arrange to have it picked up and taken away.

All you really have to do is go online or pick up the phone, give them accurate information, then have the title ready for transfer when they arrive. They leave with the car and you get cold hard cash.

It’s Worthwhile to Sell a Damaged Car

Now that you know how to sell a damaged car, you can decide which method you prefer and get rid of that thing once and for all. Just because your car is damaged doesn’t mean that you won’t get any money for it. Putting in the time will pay off in the end.

Did you find this post helpful? Come back again for more advertising, auto, and motor posts.

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Used Cars 101: Does The Lemon Law Apply To Used Cars?

Are you looking to buy a used car? Here is everything you need to know to answer the question, “Does lemon law apply to used cars?”

40 million used cars are sold worldwide each year, according to a recent study in Automotive News. People are choosing to opt-out of spending a minimum of $30,000 on a brand new car, and instead, purchase something used, but practical.

Of course, there are risks when buying any car, and this risk increases with used cars.

The lemon law, a law that protects consumer’s rights, is most commonly used with new cars. You may be wondering then, does lemon law apply to used cars?

Luckily for you, it’s possible it does, and you could be missing out on benefits if you own a defective used car and aren’t aware of the lemon law. Read on to learn more used car buying tips and the perks you could be receiving!

Does Lemon Law Apply to Used Cars?

Lemon laws are federal and state consumer protection laws, which were created to give rights to consumers in regards to product warranties and defective goods.

If the defect is deemed irreparable, the manufacturer must replace the car or give a full refund. It most often comes into play when a defective car requires manufacturer repairs on a specific part multiple times.

Almost all new cars come with manufacturer warranties that leave little up for interpretation, so these cars are always protected by lemon laws. When buying a used car, the warranties and legal protections might not be as apparent.

Many states have enacted new laws to protect used cars because so many have proved to have defects. This generally depends on how old the car is and how much mileage it has on it. However, it’s also possible that your used car is protected by certain warranties no matter how used it is.

What to Do If You Have a Lemon

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a used car, just to have it break down on you the next day and turn into a lemon car.

With lemon laws, if your used defective car was sold with a written warranty, you most likely qualify for a refund or replacement. This could be a manufacturer’s warranty or a warranty from the dealer you purchased it from.

Lemon laws differ with each state, and this is especially true when applying it to used cars.

In California, lemon laws can apply to used cars even when they are outside of their warranty, as long as the defect happened within the warranty time period. This is not true for all states, and the easiest thing to do is to contact lemon law lawyers, which often require no upfront fees and can generally get you attorney fee refunds if your used car qualifies.

Your Next Steps

If you are researching to buy a used vehicle, you can feel more at ease knowing the answer to the question, “Does lemon law apply to used cars?” and you will have some legal protections. Make sure your vehicle comes with a warranty that is valid for a least a year, and that your state recognizes used car lemon laws.

If you already own a lemon car, contact your lemon law professionals and research your current warranties. Log any repairs you’ve had to make, when they occurred, and what the age and mileage of your car.

If you live in a state with expansive lemon law protections, you just might get a nice refund or replacement vehicle. Check out our other posts for more informative lifestyle tips!


This Batmobile Is Covered In 16,000 Swarovski Crystals And Costs $8,900

Batman and Swarovski fans alike will love this detailed representation of the legendary Batmobile ($8,900). In this black vehicle, DC’s hero roams the streets of Gotham City, defending the city and its inhabitants. Only 200 pieces of this special Limited Edition are available worldwide. It is embellished with over 16,000 hand-set crystals using the Pointiage technique, creating a sparkling, exclusive look. Black rubber tires and polished metal details complete the refined design. 

An amazing gift for Batman and DC fans and collectors. Please note that this is a decorative object and not a toy.

More info HERE.

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LEGO Announces Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Set

Today, the LEGO Group and Automobili Lamborghini unveiled the eagerly awaited LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. 

The 1:8 scale LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 embodies the unrivalled power, visionary design and futuristic elegance of the limited-edition Italian super sports car. 

First presented at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, only 63 of the full-sized Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 models are being produced, making this 3,696-piece replica the ultimate collector’s item for luxury car lovers and LEGO fans looking for their next building challenge.

Boasting a vivid lime-green color and elegant golden rims, the model measures over 5” (13cm) high, 23” (60cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide. This one-of-a-kind model is the ultimate addition to any LEGO collection.

The LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 set has 3,696 pieces and will retail for $379.99.

It will be available directly from LEGO stores and from June 1st, then in many retailers from August 1, 2020.

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Matt Reeves Shares First Look At The Batmobile

The Batman director and co-writer Matt Reeves has shared three new photos featuring a first look at the Batmobile.

Warner Bros. Pictures has confirmed all of the cast and crew for the film. Starring alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman/Bruce Wayne is Zoë Kravitz (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Mad Max: Fury Road) as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano (Love & Mercy, 12 Years a Slave) as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright (the Hunger Games films) as the GCPD’s James Gordon; John Turturro (the Transformers films) as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard (The Magnificent Seven, Black Mass) as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Jayme Lawson (Farewell Amor) as mayoral candidate Bella Reál; with Andy Serkis (the Planet of the Apes films, Black Panther) as Alfred; and Colin Farrell (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Dumbo) as Oswald Cobblepot. Twins Max and Charlie Carver have also joined the movie in “sizable roles.”

Plot details are still being kept under wraps but The Batman is reportedly set to explore the Dark Knight’s younger years with Reeves further hinting at the film’s connection to the iconic comic book story arc “Year One” by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli which was published in 1987.

The Batman opens in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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LEGO Unveils Creator Expert Fiat 500

LEGO added another classic to its automotive roster—the Fiat 500 just got the LEGO brick treatment. 

To celebrate, LEGO has also reimagined the infamous Fiat ads from the ‘60s using this authentic-looking LEGO version. 

This LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 model car (10271) recreates a true icon of classic automotive design. Teenagers and adult fans will enjoy the challenging building experience offered by this model kit based on the Fiat 500F legend from the late ‘60s, and will appreciate all the authentic LEGO brick details, such as the luggage rack with suitcase, detailed interior, and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. To complete the Italian theme, this classic model car also includes a folding easel with a paintbrush, palette and small ‘painting’ of the car in front of the famous Colosseum in Rome.

The LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 is available directly from LEGO Stores & for $89.99.

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Rare Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro Could Be Worth Over $100,000

A true one-off and the third rarest of all Hot Wheels cars, this Chevrolet Camaro prototype was just recently discovered. It was found in a set of other Hot Wheels cars by self-proclaimed Toy Scout Joel Magee, known for his appearances on Pawn Stars and at collectible events. 

The Camaro toy dates back to 1968 and, as with all early prototypes, was given its enamel white paint in order to check for imperfections. Very few prototypes made it to retail, and this one is even more rare thanks to its Hong Kong-stamped chassis. 

“I’ve collected toys forever and this Hot Wheels Camaro is the Holy Grail of collectibles,” Magee said. “I am beyond excited to have found it to add to my vast collection. This car is so extremely rare that there is only one known example which is this one. Imagine something that originally sold for 59 cents now being worth upwards of $100,000! Wow!”

Magee intends to add his new Hot Wheels Camaro prototype to his collection, which he takes with him around the country to fairs, media appearances, appraisal events and toy events.

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