Wilson’s 3D-Printed Basketball Never Needs To Be Inflated

As the Official Basketball of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has once again proven to be one of the most innovative brands in sports – daring to do what no brand has done before.  Introducing the 3D Airless Prototype Basketball! The first-of-its-kind 3D printed ball is truly playable, nearly fitting theContinue reading “Wilson’s 3D-Printed Basketball Never Needs To Be Inflated”

Subway Enhances Guest Experience With Plans To Add Electric Vehicle Charging Oasis Parks

Subway and GenZ EV Solutions, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, are partnering on an EV Charging Oasis of the future. Through the partnership, the brands envision a more seamless experience for EV drivers with the installation of Subway Oasis charging parks at select locations—charging canopies with multiple ports, picnic tables, Wi-Fi,Continue reading “Subway Enhances Guest Experience With Plans To Add Electric Vehicle Charging Oasis Parks”

The 66 Best Inventions of The Past 66 Years

On any normal day, you might buckle your seatbelt, get cash from an ATM, check the news on your cellphone. Chances are, these things feel unremarkable—but it wasn’t so long ago that they each would have been utterly unthinkable. Thanks to six and a half decades of remarkable scientific and technological innovation, 2020 looks veryContinue reading “The 66 Best Inventions of The Past 66 Years”

Meet Heineken B.O.T.

This week, Heineken announced the release of its Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.); a clever green robot that looks and functions like a droid, using motion sensor technology to faithfully follow its owner around so that ice cold beer is never far from reach. Set on two large wheels and four smaller ones, the robot coolerContinue reading “Meet Heineken B.O.T.”

Incredible Swinging Spider-Man At Avengers Campus Is Actually A Stunt Robot

While Anthony Mackie and Paul Rudd proved to be a captivating force at the grand opening of the Avengers Campus, the real star of the show was actually a robot. A host of high-profile figures were in attendance for the unveiling of the attraction at the Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, on Wednesday—whichContinue reading “Incredible Swinging Spider-Man At Avengers Campus Is Actually A Stunt Robot”

Google’s Project Starline: The Next Generation of 3D Video Chat

People love being together — to share, collaborate and connect.  And this past year, with limited travel and increased remote work, being together has never felt more important. Through the years, Google has built products to help people feel more connected. They’ve simplified email with Gmail, and made it easier to share what matters withContinue reading “Google’s Project Starline: The Next Generation of 3D Video Chat”

Looking Glass Portrait – Your First Personal Holographic Display

Looking Glass Portrait, the new personal holographic display, is already funded and primed for release in the first half of 2021. The new device from Looking Glass Factory, billed as a personal holographic display for your desk, will enable users to share 3D content and is a step toward holographic video calls. US holographic displayContinue reading “Looking Glass Portrait – Your First Personal Holographic Display”

First Passengers Travel Safely On A Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop made history last week as the first people successfully traveled in a hyperloop pod. The testing campaign, from the beginning stages all the way through to the successful demonstration, was overseen by the industry-recognized Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) Certifer. Having undergone a rigorous and exhaustive safety process, the newly-unveiled XP-2 vehicle demonstrates manyContinue reading “First Passengers Travel Safely On A Hyperloop”

SpaceX Spacesuits

Commander Douglas Hurley and astronaut Robert Behnken were the first Americans to launch into space from their home soil in nearly nine years.  SpaceX designed its spacesuit for astronauts to wear inside the Crew Dragon spacecraft as they fly to and from the International Space Station and to ensure their safety as they operate inContinue reading “SpaceX Spacesuits”

Rotary Cellphone Concept

Space engineer Justine Haupt took a rotary mechanism from an old Trimline telephone and combined it with a microcontroller and a cellular transceiver.  She housed it all in a 3D-printed casing and created a one-of-a-kind cell phone. Curved ePaper was later added on the back for relevant messages like the most recent missed call.  Haupt saysContinue reading “Rotary Cellphone Concept”

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