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Bose Announces New QC Earbuds

The headphones that revolutionized an industry are set to do it again — this time in a truly wireless earbud. Today, Bose announces the QuietComfort Earbuds, delivering all the “quiet” of Bose around-ear noise cancelling headphones in a gorgeous in-ear design. 

The new QC Earbuds debut proprietary advancements in hardware and software to continue the 20-year legacy of QC headphones. Each bud measures just over an inch long and weighs 0.3 ounces — about the same as a quarter. Yet they perform like every QuietComfort before them, transforming even the harshest environments into hushed sanctuaries — silencing the blare of trucks, buses, and horns during rush hour, or muting the simple distractions from the next room, next office, or the apartment next door.

The QC Earbuds will be sold for $279 and will be available on September 29th. They can be pre-ordered HERE.

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Apple Announces Digital-Only Event Set To Be Held September 15

Apple announced on its events page that it will be holding a special event on Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 a.m. at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s fall event appears to be a digital-only gathering with no members of the media invited to attend in person due to the ongoing public health crisis.  Apple hasn’t released many products in 2020 due to the pandemic, so there’s a lot on the horizon. The event will likely focus on the iPhone 12 and possibly announce the new Apple tracking device, AirTags.


You’ll Be All Ears With This Adorable Baby Yoda Amazon Echo Dot Stand

Otterbox partnered with Amazon to create an adorable Baby Yoda (The Child) stand for the Amazon Echo Dot.

The stand features a stellar design that brings home the cutest bounty in the galaxy. It’s made for simple installation and designed for easy interaction with the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) — allowing you to continue enjoying the same great Alexa experience.

The item is available for pre-order for $24.95 with a shipping date of August 20, 2020.

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Roadie 3 Automatic Instrument Tuner

The latest edition of the Roadie automatic tuner is twice as fast as the Roadie 2. 

The small handheld device can tune almost any stringed instrument with geared pegs in a couple of seconds, and can quickly wind new strings to the proper tension before tuning. It also supports alternative tunings, and doubles as a vibrating metronome.

You can pre-order the Roadie 3 automatic instrument tuner HERE on Indiegogo starting at $109.

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Apple Introduces macOS Big Sur With A Beautiful New Design

Apple today previewed macOS Big Sur, the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. macOS Big Sur introduces a beautiful redesign that is entirely new yet instantly familiar. Safari is packed with new features, including a customizable start page, elegantly designed and more powerful tabs, quick and easy translation, and a new Privacy Report. The updated Messages app lets Mac users send and receive more personal and expressive messages, and easily keep track of and interact within group messages. Maps also offers an all-new experience with immersive features for exploring and navigating the world. 

“macOS Big Sur is a major update that advances the legendary combination of the power of UNIX with the ease of use of the Mac, and delivers our biggest update to design in more than a decade,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “With its modern and clean look, huge improvements to key apps including Safari, Messages, and Maps, and new privacy features, we think everyone is going to love the breakthrough experience that macOS Big Sur offers.”

The developer beta of macOS Big Sur is available to Apple Developer Program members at starting today, and a public beta will be available to Mac users next month at macOS Big Sur will be available this fall as a free software update.

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iPadOS 14 Introduces New Features Designed Specifically For iPad

Apple today previewed iPadOS 14, with new features and designs that take advantage of the unique capabilities of iPad and its large Multi-Touch display. iPadOS 14 introduces an all-new compact design for incoming FaceTime and phone calls, Siri interactions, and Search to help users stay focused on the task at hand. Apps have new sidebars and toolbars that consolidate controls in one place, making them more streamlined and powerful than ever. New Apple Pencil features, including Scribble for iPad, deliver a whole new way to work with handwritten notes, and ARKit 4 delivers a brand new Depth API that allows developers to create even more powerful features in their apps.

“With iPadOS 14, we’re excited to build on the distinct experience of iPad and deliver new capabilities that help customers boost productivity, be more creative, and have more fun,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “With new compact designs for system interactions and new app designs specifically tailored to iPad, even better note-taking capabilities with Apple Pencil, and more powerful AR experiences, iPadOS 14 delivers an amazing experience that keeps it in a class of its own.”

The developer preview of iPadOS 14 is available to Apple Developer Program members at starting today, and a public beta will be available to iPadOS users next month at New software features will be available this fall as a free software update for iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later.

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Apple Reimagines The iPhone Experience With iOS 14

Apple today previewed iOS 14, introducing the biggest update ever to Home Screen pages with beautifully redesigned widgets and the App Library, a new way to tap into the App Store with App Clips, powerful updates to Messages, and more. 

The new widgets present timely information at a glance and can be pinned in different sizes on any Home Screen page. Users can create a Smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget based on time, location, and activity.

Home Screen pages can display widgets that are customized for work, travel, sports, entertainment, and other areas of interest. At the end of the Home Screen pages is the App Library, a new space that automatically organizes all of a user’s apps into one simple, easy-to-navigate view, and intelligently surfaces apps that may be helpful in the moment. Users can choose how many Home Screen pages to display and easily hide pages for quicker access to the App Library. 

The developer preview of iOS 14 is available to Apple Developer Program members at starting today, and a public beta will be available to iOS users next month at New software features will be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone 6s and later.

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watchOS 7 Adds Significant Personalization, Health, & Fitness Features To Apple Watch

Apple today previewed watchOS 7, delivering enhanced customization tools and powerful new health and fitness features to the world’s most advanced smartwatch. Personalization is taken to an entirely new level with shareable and discoverable watch face configurations, while sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, additional workout types including dance, and a new hearing health feature give greater insight into overall well-being and are designed with privacy in mind. Conveniently on the wrist, Maps is updated with cycling directions and Siri now offers language translation.

The developer beta of watchOS 7 is available to Apple Developer Program members at starting today. For the first time, a public beta will be available to watchOS users next month at watchOS 7 will be available this fall as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, or Apple Watch Series 5 paired with iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 or later. 

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Apple Updates 13-Inch MacBook Pro With Magic Keyboard, Double The Storage, And Faster Performance

Apple today updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new Magic Keyboard for the best typing experience ever on a Mac notebook and doubled the storage across all standard configurations, delivering even more value to the most popular MacBook Pro. The new lineup also offers 10th-generation processors for up to 80 percent faster graphics performance1 and makes 16GB of faster 3733MHz memory standard on select configurations. With powerful quad-core processors, the brilliant 13-inch Retina display, Touch Bar and Touch ID, immersive stereo speakers, all-day battery life, and the power of macOS, all in an incredibly portable design, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is available to order today, starting at $1,299, and $1,199 for education.

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Sony Vs. Microsoft – How Is The Next Generation of Consoles Shaping Up?

The next generation of video gaming is on the horizon, and getting closer to us each and every day. If all goes to plan (issues surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic permitting), we should be playing with these new consoles and systems by the end of 2020, and questions are arising among those trying to decide which platform to go with, from which system has the best technical specs, to which company has the best game studio making games exclusively for their platform.

Eager to find out more about how the next generation of consoles is shaping up? Here are some more details on the Sony PlayStation 5, and the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Getting out ahead of the competition, Microsoft has already revealed the design of their flagship new console, the Xbox Series X, and it somewhat bears a resemblance to some tower PC setups, albeit a little sleeker and tidier than normal. Standing tall in an upright position, the console is the most powerful that the company has ever produced, with 12 teraflops , true 4K resolution (and 8K support), up to 120 FPS, and a 1TB custom solid state drive. If none of those fancy tech words mean anything to you, then it means that it will play games fast, and it will play them well.

PlayStation 5

Slated for a release around November/December this year, in preparation for the holiday season (which of course is one of the most important times sales-wise for games consoles looking to build up their install base of players gaming within their ecosystem), the PlayStation 5 looks to continue the market dominance that the PS4 had. At this moment in time we haven’t seen the actual look of the console itself, but we do know some interesting tidbits on the way that the system will use its hardware, such as upgraded SSD storage that will be able to load stored files much faster than last gen tech. 

One exciting factor turning heads recently was the reveal of the new ‘DualSense’ controller, which will overtake the DualShock 4 as the PlayStation’s way to play. In addition to sporting a new, cool white design, with an altered, rounder shape than ever before, there are also benefits such as a built-in microphone and even haptic feedback.

How will the Coronavirus affect the release of the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles?

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses and companies on a global scale in a way that we haven’t ever seen before, it would be safe to assume that the production of these video game consoles in preparation for the fall might be in the firing line. In an interview with Ryan McCaffrey on IGN’s Xbox podcast Podcast Unlocked, head of Xbox Phil Spencer discussed candidly his and the Xbox team’s experience working remotely and from home in light of the pandemic situation going on at the moment, and also stated that there are no plans to delay the launch date that they have planned currently (which they have yet to reveal).

When questioned about a possible staggered release of the new console in different markets worldwide in order to manage a production demand in terms of manufacturing, Spencer also made it clear that they were planning to release in all territories worldwide at the same time where possible, citing the delayed release of the Xbox One in Japan and how that hurt him (and likely the Xbox) at the time. On the PlayStation front, things are a little quieter, but it would be reasonable to assume the same sorts of plans are in place as Xbox.

Which console should I go with?

While these two different systems seem to be offering a wide range of new features over their Xbox One and PS4 counterparts, and diverting from each other in some unique ways, the two games consoles will likely be similar in terms of specification, playing the same games, too. That’s aside from all the platform exclusives, such as Halo or God of War, of course. 

In terms of which one you should go with, that really comes down to a matter of personal preference, and unless the opposition has a feature that really grabs you and makes you decide to make the transition, you might lean towards the camp of the console you’ve had in the past. Not only is this due to comfort and familiarity with the console despite its newness, but also legacy features such as backwards compatibility with your previous games/peripherals, and also the carrying over of your achievements/trophies and friends lists.

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