Pick Up These New ‘Indiana Jones’-Inspired Products For Your Next Adventure

If you’ve missed the adventures of Indiana Jones, your time has come. Ahead of the latest film, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” here are some exciting new “Indiana Jones”-inspired products. Reyn Spooner’s hand-illustrated vignettes portray some of Indy’s most iconic moments, all on a breezy Hawaiian-style shirt. Available today, the “Raiders of theContinue reading “Pick Up These New ‘Indiana Jones’-Inspired Products For Your Next Adventure”

Skippy’s PBJ X Pro: The Perfect Tool For Peanut Butter & Jelly Lovers

One of the most disputed actions in the world of peanut butter and jelly sandwich creation lies in what utensil is used and how: Is it one knife, two separate knives, a knife and a spoon, or none of the above? Just in time for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (April 2nd), the makersContinue reading “Skippy’s PBJ X Pro: The Perfect Tool For Peanut Butter & Jelly Lovers”

Screwpop Toolkey

The latest in compact and highly functional Everyday Carry products, Screwpop introduces Toolkey, geared for those who want to maximize yet pare down their everyday carry footprint. The innovative Screwpop Toolkey has 15 functions in one simple, compact and lightweight design.  Take it anywhere — rides on a keyring, clips onto a carabiner, fits insideContinue reading “Screwpop Toolkey”

Leatherman Blade Sharpener

This product has everything you need to keep the edge of your multi-tool blades sharp at home or in the field.  It includes three different kinds of blade care tools—carbide sharpener and ceramic hone, and a diamond-coated sharpening rod.  It was made in collaboration with Work Sharp, a private, family-owned manufacturing company headquartered in Ashland,Continue reading “Leatherman Blade Sharpener”

The Muncher – Titanium Multi Tool Utensil

The Muncher titanium multi tool utensil ($40) is a must-have utility accessory for those who love to explore and partake in outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, and rock climbing. It is lightweight, capable of performing nine dining and activity-related functionalities, and is made from aerospace-grade titanium for lasting durability. The meticulously engineered tip of theContinue reading “The Muncher – Titanium Multi Tool Utensil”

Victorinox Replica 1897 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife

The original Swiss icon synonymous with intrepid adventure is back. Meet Replica 1897 Limited Edition, a collector’s blade of undeniable exclusivity. Created to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the original Swiss Army Knife, this covetable design is set to cause a stir. Decked out in red retro glory, it features vulcanized fiber scales and theContinue reading “Victorinox Replica 1897 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife”

Forever Pen

This tiny writing instrument goes anywhere and never needs ink.  It uses a special silver composite tip that can leave its mark on a wide variety of surfaces.  It measures less than 1″ long, and can also be used for opening boxes.  Choose from titanium, copper, or brass variants. Pledge HERE via Kickstarter.

LEGO Star Wars The Child 

Turn the cuteness factor up to the max with this LEGO Star Wars The Child (75318) build-and-display model. Authentic details of this popular character, affectionately known as Baby Yoda, are recreated in LEGO style, with posable head, ears and mouth for different expressions, plus the Child’s favorite toy – a gearshift knob (element included) –Continue reading “LEGO Star Wars The Child “

Leatherman FREE P4 Multitool

Leatherman has announced the FREE P4 Multitool featuring a first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture. This cutting-edge technology integrates magnets into the design making it easier for users to open, handle, and close the tools and eliminating the need for nail nicks. Plus, the internal locking system reduces the wear and tear on the individual implements which makesContinue reading “Leatherman FREE P4 Multitool”

Mattel Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics #1 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

The most valuable comic, Action Comics No. 1, is now a Hot Wheel collectible as the green sedan and Superman form a diorama that replicates a copy of the iconic 1938 comic. The set will sell exclusively at the Mattel booth at San Diego Comic Con for $20. Comic-Con runs from July 19 to JulyContinue reading “Mattel Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics #1 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive”

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